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Nebraska woman wins $220,000 Nebraska Pick 5 jackpot with "mistake" lottery ticket
It pays to buy those extra tickets By Kate Northrop A Nebraska woman walked away with a $220,000 Nebraska Pick 5 jackpot using a mistake lottery ticket, and it's not the first time her steadfast decision won her a jackpot this way. One Nebraska lottery winner is adamant about her stance on mistake tickets, and her consistency on the matter won her a $220,000 Nebraska Pick 5 jackpot. Lori Sailors of Lincoln scooped up a $220,000 jackpot in the Nebraska Pick 5 game, the Nebraska Lo
Jul 8, 2024, 2:23 pm - Lottery News

New Jersey Lottery increasing Jersey Cash 5 ticket price
Bullseye feature now included automatically on every ticket By Kate Northrop The New Jersey Lottery announced today that the price of a Jersey Cash 5 ticket will increase from $1 to $2 and that every ticket will automatically include the Bullseye add-on option. New Jersey Cash 5 tickets are getting a bump in ticket price starting next month, the Lottery revealed in a press release today. Starting July 1, 2024, ticket prices for the in-state daily progressive jackpot game will inc
Jun 27, 2024, 7:06 pm - Lottery News

Florida lottery retailer sells two jackpot-winning Fantasy 5 tickets in back-to-back drawings
Unlikely occurrence in popular Florida draw game By Kate Northrop Over the weekend, two jackpot-winning Fantasy 5 tickets were sold at the same Florida Lottery retailer for two back-to-back drawings. One retailer in Hollywood, Florida sold two Fantasy 5 jackpot-winning tickets in a row, with both consecutive drawings taking place just less than a day apart. A Florida Lottery Fantasy 5 jackpot winners and retailer report detailed this unlikely occurrence. On Fri., June 21, one
Jun 24, 2024, 1:12 pm - Lottery News

Washington Lottery retailer sells 3 winning tickets in 1 week, including $4.6M Lotto jackpot winner
Winners celebrate individually, but store celebrates lucky streak of its own By Kate Northrop A Washington Lottery retailer sold three winning tickets for three different games in one week, with two winning prizes in the six-figure range and one hitting a $4.6 million Lotto jackpot. One suburban Washington's Lottery retailer may be seeing a few more players stopping by ever since news broke that it sold three winning tickets for three major prizes in one week. Yoke's Fresh Market
May 21, 2024, 7:52 am - Lottery News

Virginia woman wins $50,000 Pick 5 prize on first-ever lottery ticket
Running an errand for another lottery player convinced her to play By Kate Northrop A Virginia woman won $50,000 playing Pick 5, and it was her first lottery ticket purchase ever. A Virginia woman had some incredible beginner's luck when she decided to play the lottery for the first time and won a $50,000 Pick 5 top prize. Katelynne Berland of Yorktown was out running errands for her mother, which included getting some lottery tickets on her behalf. Then she thought, why not try
May 7, 2024, 10:09 am - Lottery News

Michigan man wins $286,938 Fantasy 5 lottery jackpot on first try
Player who tries out game for the first time wins the jackpot because why not? By Kate Northrop A Michigan man experienced a bout of beginner's luck when he tried the Michigan Lottery's Fantasy 5 draw game for the first time and won a $286,938 jackpot. A Michigan lottery player won a $286,938 jackpot on his first time playing Fantasy 5. For one casual player, all it took to change his luck was trying out a new game. The 70-year-old man, who chose to remain anonymous, decided to s
May 6, 2024, 6:55 am - Lottery News

New Jersey veteran overcomes health challenges and wins $100,000 Jersey Cash 5 lottery jackpot
2024 pans out to be fantastic year for cancer survivor By Kate Northrop A New Jersey veteran who overcame a battle with cancer and a stroke that impeded his mobility won a $100,000 Jersey Cash 5 lottery jackpot. 2024 is turning out to be a great year for a New Jersey cancer survivor, who recently won a $100,000 Jersey Cash 5 jackpot. Craig Reynolds is a long-time lottery player, and although New Jersey allows lottery winners to claim prizes anonymously, he was happy to share his
May 3, 2024, 8:01 am - Lottery News

Illinois woman wins $1 million on lottery ticket given to her by another gas station customer
One player's trash is another's treasure By Kate Northrop An Illinois woman won $1 million on a Lucky Day Lotto ticket after another gas station customer decided they didn't want it and gave it to her. An anonymous Illinois woman was not expecting a million dollars to quite literally be handed to her last week, and its thanks to a kind gesture from another nameless gas station customer. She is shocked that, despite not even having bought a lottery ticket, she is the recipient of
May 2, 2024, 10:57 am - Lottery News

Arkansas Lottery Natural State Jackpot to move to daily drawings
Change to increases will also mean bigger, faster-growing jackpots, Lottery says By Kate Northrop The Arkansas Lottery announced today that it will change the draw format of the Natural State Jackpot (NSJ) game to daily drawings, starting this month. The Natural State Jackpot lottery game, which is local to the state of Arkansas, will change from having six drawings a week to seven in a new daily draw format. Starting Sun., April 21, 2024 at 8:00 pm Central Time, the local draw g
Apr 12, 2024, 3:15 pm - Lottery News

Illinois stay-at-home mom wakes up to a crying baby and $1.4 million Lucky Day Lotto jackpot
Mother wakes up to a crying baby and a lifechanging amount of money By Kate Northrop An Illinois woman woke up to the sound of her crying baby in the middle of the night but found it rather difficult to fall back asleep once she also found out she won a $1.4 million Lucky Day Lotto jackpot. Every parent knows that tending to a crying infant in the middle of the night is not easy, but what if you woke up to a million dollars too? This is what happened to one Illinois stay-at-home
Mar 14, 2024, 8:07 pm - Lottery News

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