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I Hit $500.00 Tonight!!1

Topic closed. 26 replies. Last post 12 years ago by getfashions.

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United States
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September 21, 2003
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Posted: December 19, 2004, 7:46 am - IP Logged


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    December 27, 2002
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    Posted: December 19, 2004, 8:05 am - IP Logged

      Congratulations!!!!    W.T.G!!!!!!!!!  Like they say, "When one door closes, another WILL open"!!!!!!  Take GOOD care of your Mom!!!!!!!

      Threepix's avatar - lion
      United States
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      November 18, 2004
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      Posted: December 19, 2004, 10:21 am - IP Logged

      Thanks for all the encouragement and support to all my friends at this forum.

      Y'all are great people.

        Saleo Paleo's avatar - Trek DS9worm3.gif
        United States
        Member #3493
        January 25, 2004
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        Posted: December 19, 2004, 10:42 am - IP Logged

        Great going,Threepix,Sure am Happy for you and Mswiz,Good things happen when you need it,It seems to happen that way.Hope you have many more great Hits.

        Saleo Paleo    

          mazie789's avatar - side smile.jpg
          Nasau, Bahamas
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          December 19, 2003
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          Posted: December 19, 2004, 12:04 pm - IP Logged

          Congrats I hope your mom feels better and you just keep on winning the big bucks

          Lovies Hugs and Kisses

            percygrinder's avatar - bob

            Member #4787
            May 24, 2004
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            Posted: December 19, 2004, 12:10 pm - IP Logged

            great going keep it up u'll be rich soon.

              Texasman's avatar - rocket
              Glergenflergen, Texas
              United States
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              October 13, 2004
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              Posted: December 19, 2004, 9:23 pm - IP Logged

              That's great news on your big win.  It seems when we do something to help others instead of ourselves, someone benefits from it, and, dventually, it comes back around our way.  Congratulations.

                Threepix's avatar - lion
                United States
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                November 18, 2004
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                Posted: December 19, 2004, 9:34 pm - IP Logged

                Hey Texasman, you know that is so true. I was watching Dr. Wayne Dyer on Channel 8 last week and he talked about when you want something, want it more for others than for you. U helped me win though, I been using the All concept lately and have been doing pretty good. Since thanksgiving won about 4 Forty dollar payoffs here in houston. This is my first big money ticket. I even made a copy before I cashed it in just for keepsake. Good luck to us all!

                  MADDOG10's avatar - smoke
                  Beautiful Florida
                  United States
                  Member #5709
                  July 18, 2004
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                  Posted: December 19, 2004, 9:41 pm - IP Logged

                  good for you threepix, your proof the lord works in mysterious ways, i'm happy for you..!


                                                                 "  When Injustice Becomes Law, Resistance Becomes Duty "

                    Maverick's avatar - yinyang
                    United States
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                    October 29, 2004
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                    Posted: December 19, 2004, 9:44 pm - IP Logged
                    Quote: Originally posted by MADDOG10 on December 19, 2004

                    good for you threepix, your proof the lord works in mysterios ways, i'm happy for you..!

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                      N. Charleston,SC
                      United States
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                      March 11, 2004
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                      Posted: December 19, 2004, 9:47 pm - IP Logged

                         WTG 3pix,more will b coming your way.............. 

                      344 889 



                        getfashions's avatar - talina mcrow.png
                        GA USA
                        United States
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                        March 9, 2004
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                        Posted: December 19, 2004, 11:56 pm - IP Logged

                         WTG Threepix!  Love to see and read about winners!  GIG (GOD Is Good) !  There's more where that came from!

                        Have a Wonderful Holiday Season!

                        Do unto others as you would have them do unto you! ---Golden Rule

                        Kindness goes a long way.

                        Take it all the way to the bank!!!