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Those That Use Lotto Cheatah Version 2

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Posted: February 9, 2005, 6:43 pm - IP Logged

Hey everyone, for those of you that use Lotto Cheatah Version 2 should read the following paragraphs below.

    On some draws it did worse, but on more it did far better.

I didn't get to test the picker engine as much as I wanted to. I had a major
deployment problem with v2. Resolved now, but it took 5 days to figure it

I got some 5's on pick 6 and 7 and lots of 4's on the pick 5's the 3 days I
tested it. Overall many more 3 or better for v2, but more skunks and
near-skunks too. When your hot, your hot! When your not, well, missed again.
It gets hotter than before; more money paying hits across the depth, but
it's still a far cry from a prize every time machine.

BTW, the new v2 picker logic is NOT tied into the weight factor. It makes
its own call as to how many high probability numbers you get on your line.
If a high probability number is due (they usually are), it will appear in
(~almost) every line right across the depth.
(~a companion number might replace a high probability number if Companions
is checked).

    The big difference between the Lotto Cheatah v1 picker engine and the v2 is the way it handles potential repeaters (repeaters are numbers that will hit on both the last draw and the coming draw). V1 calculated the repeater to non-repeater ratio and gave you a likely repeat number on 1 out of every nn lines, depending on what the repeat ratio was.


v2 goes a bit further with the repeater logic. It determines whether repeaters are due, and if they are due, how many are due right now. It then builds you a line accordingly. The results come closer to matching the patterns of lottery draw results.


The full v2 picker engine first appeared in Lotto Cheatah v2 and has undergone a bit of tuning through versions 2.01 and the current 2.02. The easiest way to explain the nature of the tuning is to picture the picker engine as a shotgun and each line produced being a pellet in the shotgun shell.


V2 and 2.01 had a full to modified-full choke on the shotgun. You either hammered the hell out of the game or missed it completely. There was little middle ground.


v2.02 has an open choke on the shotgun. The wider pattern does seem to hit more of the target. You probably won't hit 10 winners out of 10 lines with this version, but you should hit more winners more often and have fewer skunks.


Good luck on the games!


Ron Stanwood