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Anyone have a vtracs prediction method?

Topic closed. 2 replies. Last post 11 years ago by Bryan.

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March 28, 2005
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Posted: August 16, 2005, 9:52 pm - IP Logged

Greetings all!

I have been toying with vtracs for the last 2 months in connection with the MN Daily 3 (WHAT'S NEW, eh?  HEHEHEHE!).  At this point, I know a few things about vtracs in regards to the MN Daily 3:

1.  If you take the last 125 draws, you will notice that almost every vtrac that falls has been chosen 0 to 1 time in the last 125 draws.  This leaves you with about 90 vtracs to choose from to start.

2.  Vtracs are a great way to pick straight winners.

Besides that, I have been having some difficulty shaving my daily vtracs list down to a good handful or so.  A good friend from this site sent me a great tool that sort of predicts vtracs but it is quite unpredictable because it gives 27 possible vtracs for each draw. And of course, 27 x 8 = 216 straight numbers for 1 draw which is another issue we have to contend with daily.  So, with these issues in mind, does anyone have a good system to get your daily vtracs list down to a handful of vtracs.  Just so you know, Minnesota only has 1 Daily 3 drawing so this could come into play.

At any rate, please share your comments and suggestions.  All help is greatly appreciated in advance!

Good Luck,


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    Posted: August 17, 2005, 12:10 am - IP Logged


    I have a simplier Vtrac system.  I sent a copy to Carbob (Florida) to experiment.

    What I did was create 5 rows of 7 vtrac combinations.  Each row has 1 triple vtrac, 4 double vtracs, and 2 no match vtracs.  So you have a chart with 35 boxed Vtracs.

    Each row is identified by a letter A through E.  What I want to experiment with is patterns by letters.  The other thing is columns that are due or have the longest skip.

    Looking at Minnesota I see that column "A" is currently skipped 18 draws.  The maximum skip from the last 5478 past draws for column "A" is 22.  So I would say that this column is prime for a hit within the next 4 drawings.  If it doesn't hit by 22 skips I would stop playing.

    The question now is what type of VTRAC combination do you choose.  Do I choose a No Match, Double, or Triple Vtrac.

    I think the answer is what  was the last draw?  What were the vtrac numbers.  Was it a double vtrac, a no match vtrac, or a triple vtrac?  Your last drawing was a triple vtrac 555.  The number 5 should repeat in the next drawing. 

    Their are only 2 vtracs in the A column chart that have a "5".

    1.  245

    2.  455

    Digit BOXED combinations for Wednesday's Drawing:

    134  139  184  189  634  639  684  689

    344  349  394  399  844  849  894  899

    The other thing to look at is the SKIPS.  Looking again at the Minnesota Pick 3, the top 2 SKIPS are "0" and "4".

    The "0" skip has occured 7 times in the last 35 drawings and the skip "4" has also occured "7" times.  The current skip of "0" is currently at column letter "E".  There are a total of 5 possible VTRACS that have a "5" (555 from previous drawing).  555,  355,  225,  145,  235.  Since there are too many VTRACS to choose from I would choose the vtrac that has hit the most in the past 35 drawings.   The top vtrac is 235.  It has hit 3 times in the past 35 drawings.

    The digit combinations are:

    124  129  174  179  624  629  674  679


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      Posted: August 17, 2005, 1:30 am - IP Logged

      Howdy Atomic Dog,

      I don't know what program you use to keep track of your data but here is a system I put in the forum (don't know if you saw it or not) for VersaBet users. There may be something in the link below that can help you out alittle bit.


      Best of Luck,

      Bryan  :)