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Short Cut System for Pick 6

Topic closed. 30 replies. Last post 12 years ago by mysticwomyn.

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Posted: February 18, 2006, 7:03 am - IP Logged

Taking Blackapple's challenge... I looked at this and it is quite amazing!

I've added a few of my own tweaks (but hey, we're in this together) with

better results!

This is what you had in your first example

040      610        173        349

 46        51          64          15

  2           4            2            4

First thing I did was REDUCE each group of numbers to get

    4          7            2            7              (get these by adding across

    1          6             1            6                   each line in the group)

    2           4             2            4

Use this set as your first source...

Then chop off that first line in your original group of numbers to get

second source:

    46          51           64           15

    2            4             2            4

I'm not sure if I stated this correctly but we are workin with previou winning numbers  04  06  10  17  33  49 to achive  15  21  31  35  41  46

Now let's get down to work!

Look at your  first source...see it? That 41 in a zig zag pattern? Then look at your second source... see any 41's...yes! There's one of your numbers.

Let's look again,  I see 46 going up in two columns in the first source..look at second and there is 46 twice as 46 & 64. There's your second number.

See any 21's in the first source..3 of them...good number ...you bet! And if you look at your second source your will find it zigzagging bottom of first group ..top of second...bottom of third..top of fourth! With me so far?

There's your third number...quite easy! Now you have 3 numbers already...41  46  21.  See how this is working? 15 is in your second source and with a little -&+ you'll find it in the first source.  The other two numbers take a little -&+.

But here's another trick... Take that first source

4  7  2  7    see all the  3's  4's  and 5's to be had by mixing

1  6  1  6    these numbers? And lo and behold those are your

2   4  2  4     basic digits in the winning numbers!

This was fun Blackapple ...thanks for the challenge.

If you go back and rework your example using the tweaks I've added you"ll see better results with closer numbers.

good luck