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Wonder if this could be a member of LP

Topic closed. 18 replies. Last post 12 years ago by GoldenEgg.

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Posted: June 24, 2006, 1:42 am - IP Logged

You're welcome Ripsnorter.......I just found the article so amazing. 

Most articles I see just say "the winner chose to remain annonymous"...don't think Fan Five winners have to identify themselves.  This guy was great!

Thank you for sharing your story about the stranger that got you interested in the lottery.  I never paid attention to the Lottery myself until a friend scratched his way to $250,000 a couple of years ago, and my oldest Son won $5,000 on an easy pick pick a few weeks later........that got my attention!

of course I'm still waiting for a nice win.......that 3 & 4 digits have me totally stumped. bit I'll keep trying.......

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    Posted: June 24, 2006, 1:47 am - IP Logged

    very good topic,i've enjoyed it!

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      Posted: June 24, 2006, 12:16 pm - IP Logged

      I know a lot of truckers who buy lottery tickets in the many states they visit. It could very well be one who knows. Every once in a while i have heard or seen articles in state lottery news reports. Might read like ( trucker wins lottery ) (long haul trucker wins 500,000 )  

      I could see the person being a trucker or having a job that travels. Or he may have access to something like betslips. At least for the smaller games like Pick 3 and 4.


      During those early months at LP I always expected to encounter the person on one of the threads.  I used to read the threads carefully looking for some hint the individuals doing the posting might be he.

      I occasionally would even send PMs to people asking a seemingly innocuous question with an answer that would ID the guy.  Never got the right answers, however.

      So if the guy in the strange experience is anyone on LP he's remained escondido.

      No reason, I suppose, he'd stand to improve anything for himself by admitting to me he was the guy, so he might be here anyway.  But again, he mightn't.

      As for the guy the thread is about, it's difficult to imagine what he'd have to gain by being an LP member.  Sounds as though he has things about the way he wants them without the headaches a person in his position might associate with LP membership.


      I agree that the guy would have nothing to gain by being a member, but it would be interesting if he was.

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        June 10, 2006
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        Posted: June 25, 2006, 3:11 pm - IP Logged

        Very good topic! I believe the man is telling the truth about numbers and patterns, because my father (God rest his soul) would spend hours researching different patterns to use when betting on the horses (and has won the trifecta on numerous occassions) as well as pick 3 and pick 4. He would actually sit me down and try to show me how to narrow it down to the "Possibility" and at that time to me it was like the wind whistling through my brains.... i JUST DID NOT GET IT! Well ....dad passed away at the hospital back in November of 1997 but 3 days before he passed away he had written on a sheet of notebook paper - series of numbers to play Pick 3, and gave them to my younger brother (whom he knew was coming to visit him at the hospital that night) to play them for him when he left before visiting hours were over. My brother put the numbers in and THEY HIT! The next day he told my brother to cash them all in but to cash them in at different stores, my guess to avoid the taxes. Anyway, my brother brought him the money back to the hospital. Sadly on the 3rd night, the nurse did not check on my father like she was suppose to, plus she did not give him his medicine......... dad died shortly after 1 A.M. that next morning. My family was called to come in to his room to collect his belongings of course nobody knew except my brother that he had won money. As my brother was collecting my father's Boom Box that was on the bureau next to his bed, as he would and liked to listen to his Jazz music tapes because per him nothing was really on T.V. ....anyway as my brother went to lift up the Boom Box by the handle the back fell off to our discovery that is where my father had put his lottery money. It was close to $5,000. What a way to go out! ... I do miss him so - I still have the paper with the series of numbers he used to win off of - I can still smell his cologne he used to wear on that paper. My heart is now sad...but at least I have that memory. RIP Dad :) He was the one that actually got me interested in playing the lottery.