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Why not wait? Until it's a 99 % chance.

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Posted: August 2, 2006, 5:23 pm - IP Logged

lol Chaz,

before you press the "post reply" button,
press the Ctrl + A combination on your keyboard, then press combination Ctrl + C

that way it is copied to the clipboard, and if you get the error, just go back and press Ctrl + V, and you will be pasting the text into the textbox again.

This becomes a habit lol 


I learned that the hard way yesterday too...since then I 've been doing that too.

The North Carolina Education Lottery - so much a joke that here are their mascots:


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    Posted: August 3, 2006, 2:15 am - IP Logged

    ID is computerized and has been messing me up for 3 years now. They just keep on skippin. Just when you think you got um, they re-boot. The Commish has just recently changed, she will take over soon. Hope she will loosen up the pick3 so more people will want to play. The Scratch off's ....well they say that's where most of the lottery sales come from....I'd like to see daily payout's of Pick 3 of at least $100,000 a day not most days of $1200 or less total for the WHOLE STATE!!!!!  It's so obvious it's rigged. There's no way I can go to 3 different stores in the same 2 hour period and get as a QP the same number. But I have done it on more than 3 occasion's. At the same token I have gone to the same store's and got 2 of 3 on a QP, but right at the last minute and what shows is so far in left field you know they did "maintenance of the RNG device"[reboot]. It depends on how much $$ is out there. I have never in my 4 years playing in ID saw over $5000 TOTAL won on Pick3. I know I've played over $5000 in 4 years. ID bragged that they gave $33million to the State Education from Lottery sales and I know I bought Books for several classes of students myself, between Pic3,Wild Card, Powerball, AND Scratcher's!!! Also with all the influx of $$ from CA,NY CT,MA,VA,OR,WA folk moving here from those places and other States with Lottery. They have got to loosen it up some to attract more $$$ for the school system...wink, wink,!!!!  I can only hope.

    Lotto makes my world go round!!!!

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      August 5, 2006
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      Posted: August 5, 2006, 12:55 am - IP Logged

      I was just wondering if anyone knows how often if they do change the balls in the oklahoma powerball?Bang Head