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Florida joining a Multi-State Lottery

Topic closed. 15 replies. Last post 12 years ago by justxploring.

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What governatorial candidate?

Charlie Crist (Republican) [ 1 ]  [14.29%]
Tom Gallager (Republican) [ 3 ]  [42.86%]
Jim Davis (Democrat) [ 2 ]  [28.57%]
Rod Smith (Democrat) [ 1 ]  [14.29%]
Total Valid Votes [ 7 ]  
Discarded Votes [ 6 ]  
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Posted: August 10, 2006, 6:30 pm - IP Logged

To answer your question "Can Relative Humidity be 120%"...  No.  It can't.  Max RH is 100%  The max Dew Point temp can't go above the air temp.  If you did have a RH over 100% your Dew Point would be in the upper 90's to near 100.  While your air temp would be in the upper 80's to lower 90's.  I don't think discussing Global Warming is relevant on a lottery board.  (I have my thoughts on the "CYCLE" and I don't not wish to express them here).  justxploring I can go along with you on the fact that it's been hot.  We both live in the deep south where there is a lot of humidity.  It's almost INSANE!!!  Thanks Gulf of Mexico and Atlantic Oceans.  THE METEOROLOGY STUDENT HAS SPOKEN. lol

Back to lottery topic.  I do think FL will join powerball.  The question is.. WHEN? Not who.

Thanks for your answer. Besides that I completed a meteorology course in college (most of which I've forgotten by now) I was trying to be humorous. But I assume most people know that when the dew point and the air temp are equal we have 100% relative humidity, at least I think so. What? So I was thinking about all the people who have moved here and installed swimming pools, therefore adding increased moisture into the air. Then they sweat and add carbon dioxide which is a gas which can have an effect on the climate. So we should all stop sweating and eating beans.  Seriously, I was only joking!  It's like when people say "give me 110%" meaning more than everything you've got.  You really can only give 100% of yourself, right?

Maybe I shouldn't ask these questions. It must be the blonde hair..but I'm not changing my avatar.