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To my fellow LP members

Topic closed. 31 replies. Last post 10 years ago by ayenowitall.

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Posted: December 19, 2006, 12:34 pm - IP Logged

Maybe Todd is less symphathetic towards me now as he used to be simply because (as a New Jersey resident who probably does not visit NY state often) he does not see firsthand as I do how crooked the NY Lottery is for a state that does not use computerized drawings save for Quick Draw.

New Jersey Pick-6 Lotto is a very good game. It has the usual 50% payout vs NY Lotto's ridiculously low 38%-40%. When Todd plays Pick-6, he does not have to choose cash or annuity UNLESS he wins. Mega Millions in New Jersey does require the choice to be made when you play, but if you choose annuity and you win, you CAN change to lump sum. If you choose annuity on MM through the NY Lottery and you win, you're SOL. Finally, New Jersey scratch games that are annuitized (except the "lose" for life variety) have a cash option. NY has numerous annuity-only scratches, NONE with a cash option. NY currently has four versions of Lose for Life.

The NY Lottery has a new director (hired by the outgoing governor; will Spitzer replace him?). He needs to listen to lottery players like me, and push the NY legislature to make changes in the lottery that he cannot make himself. He cannot be a puppet like the current director.

You don't listen to anything I say, and I've said it dozens of times now.

I don't like how you are a troll on the forums.  You and other people don't seem to know what a troll is.  It's not an ogre.  It's somebody who goes into various threads and posts things that they know will start fights, or is purposely off-topic. 

A troll is someone who purposely does things that he/she knows will upset people.

The rules of the forum are simple.  You cannot post content in a thread that changes the topic.  That is called hijacking the thread.  If you want to post something off-topic, you do so in a different thread.

You cannot create multiple threads of the same topic.  Creating multiple threads of the same topic is called spamming.

Now, if you, Jim, Barista, or anyone else has a problem with these concepts, click Rules on the left, and you can read those same things that have been there for the last 7 years.

I'm really not interested in warm-hearted theory when it comes to enforcing the most basic rules of this forum, and I do not censor content, as was wrongly insinuated by a few misguided souls.  If you can't live within a few simple guidelines at Lottery Post, then please restrain yourself from posting.


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    Posted: December 20, 2006, 6:18 am - IP Logged

    I have to agree with Todd. I see nothing wrong with CASH Only expressing his points of view, but we should all try to maintain the respect and decency afforded by proper board etiquette. It's just not nice to constantly make irrelevant posts about annuities and the NY lottery in threads about other matters. It disrupts the continuity and development of ideas about the subject matters at hand.

    As fja suggested, I don't think anyone would object if CASH Only were to create and update an ongoing anti-annuity and/or anti-NY lottery thread. He could say as much as he might care to say about those subjects, and any interested parties could join in with comments, questions, or criticisms.