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Do you think they would make a new lottery movie...

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August 29, 2005
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Posted: February 19, 2007, 12:17 am - IP Logged

there was a lottery movie with nicholas cage and isaac hayes called " it could happen to you". it was based on a cop who didnt have enough money to tip the waitress and he told her whatever he won on the lottery he would split it half with her and if he didnt win anything he would still comeback and tip her big. he won and he kept his word and gave her half. it was based on a real story and i liked it better than "lucky numbers". nbc also had a tv show about lottery winners but it only made it half a season before it got cancelled.

They got a new show/series on either Abc, Nbc Or the other one i think is fox (they all look alike to me, if is not channel 7 is 8 or 10), called "Numbers"...I don't know what is about yet but i've saw the comercial for it once on Tv...I think is coming, don 't know when. But i think they should have been showing it by now...I think i don't know but i think is about a guy(mathematician) who uses numbers to save people's lives or something like that...