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would you play if.....

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if mega millions and powerball lowered the matrix but the jackpots got smaller too

yes [ 35 ]  [79.55%]
no [ 2 ]  [4.55%]
maybe [ 7 ]  [15.91%]
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June 16, 2006
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Posted: April 1, 2007, 1:07 am - IP Logged

I said I would still play, but I actually prefer it the way it IS right now.  Sure, it may be disappointing to many people when there is a single winner for say a $100M or $200M annuitized jackpot, but if I was that winner, I would be somewhat disappointed sharing that jackpot with 1 or 2 other winners.  I like that if someone wins a sub $75M annuitized jackpot prize that  it is highly likely that winner will be the sole winner. 

Also, I would not be in agreement with the above recommended change to either PB or MM; KEEP it one draw ALL the time.  The suggestion to offer more draws the higher the jackpot goes would significantly decrease the probability of any big game to reach record levels...which spurs phenomenal ticket sales and higher profits for the lotteries.  I don't see any of the lottery games even slightly considering this recommendation. 

I think most people wager less money when the jackpot is "small"...it's amazing that people consider a $15M jackpot small when same people are only earning $25K - $50K.  Also, I wish people would quit bellyaching about the tax bite on winnings...you actually pay more in taxes on your earned income percentage-wise (you pay Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security tax in addition to federal and, if applicable, state/local tax on earned income).  Just take your lottery winnings and have a nice life...or for those who haven't won yet, let us who dream of winning play knowing that whatever multi-million dollar prize won, even after the tax bite, is more than many of us had before the win.

Just my two cents.  Now let me get my picks in for the next Mega drawing as well as tonights PB and Indiana lotto drawings...drawn numbers, match all of mine on a single line!

Sure, but if you were NOT that winner ? 

My guess is nobody here would turn down $200,000, let alone 15 mill - or 300 mill., so why folks would 'want it all' vs. another shot at half of 100 mill is beyond me..

And you also forget that there may be more than one set of winning numbers, I guess we could factor that in: if the pot is over 100 mill and there are two sets (or more) of the same winning numbers floating around, then there is no secondary drawing...