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fortune cookie numbers

Topic closed. 31 replies. Last post 11 years ago by LOTTOMIKE.

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do you ever play fortune cookie numbers?

yes [ 35 ]  [61.40%]
no [ 22 ]  [38.60%]
Total Valid Votes [ 57 ]  
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February 14, 2006
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Posted: April 10, 2007, 3:33 am - IP Logged


But i don't know how it goes, but i think some state have pick4 computerized draws...And that's all you need to crack the lottery (well some of you are more greedy than others)...If i was able to crack the RNG of the pick4, all i have to do is bet 1K box bet on the number i know is going to play once a week and in 6 months i'll have the same money Powerball starting jackpot pays after taxes are taken, and i wouldn't have to pay no taxes (but you will have to play in as many gas stations as possible or get yourself a team).....And the more interesting thing is that you only win Powerball, ONCE in your life...I just showed you a 6-month period...But i could continue to do it indefinately and make more money in my lifetime than what a 100 million dollar jackpot could give me, without having to pay any taxes....But if you are a genious you will know that there are investment & trading avenues where you can make more than that...Is all about the right connection...All without having to raise suspicion...YOu could even open up a bussiness...The problem is that they are going to ask you how did you get all that initial money...But like how i said before, there are people that are more greedy than others, and that ends up been their downfall...You may not see it that way because of the country that you live in, but in other countries where things are hard, what difference does it make if you have 20 million dollars than if you have 34 million dollars....



"More important than winning the states' lotteries is the movie "Red Planet..."

"all i have to do is bet 1K box bet on the number i know is going to play once a week"

Most Pick-4 24-way boxes pay $200 and a 12-way box pays $400 so you might have problem cashing more than one ticket at each location. And even if you could cash 3 tickets at each, that would still require 333 stops.

"(but you will have to play in as many gas stations as possible or get yourself a team)....."

Depending on how big your team is and assuming they would figure out you "knew" the winning number, it's obvious they would play the number. The clerks where you bought and cashed the tickets would be playing your number too. It's possible you could make 3 bets before the lottery security started investigating the spike in winnings and either shut down the game or changed its way of randomly drawing the numbers.

However this is all based on your theory that states using RNGs are not random at all and if that is true, somebody is already cashing in.

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    Posted: April 10, 2007, 7:45 am - IP Logged

    here a year or two ago some people might remember me playing a bunch of fortune cookie numbers one night on the TN lotto 5.i didn't win anything....