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Lottery Channel...

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Posted: April 11, 2007, 3:46 am - IP Logged

What makes me mad sometimes (is kind of envy) is to hear people pay 20-25 million dollars to the Russian Space Agency to go into space....That's why i can't stand people with money; they waste so much money...Is so dark in space....When they could have used that money for something valuable that will have an impact or help people...Why not create a lottery channel with that money...Is not a lot for a lottery channel but they could have created something close to a lottery channel...And i am sure that if they create a lottery channel, they would have gotten that money back in less than 2 years...I bet that the Russian Space Agency only profited 3 million dollars out of those 25 million dollars..Why because is so expensive to travel into space...I don't hate space travel, when i was growing up i wanted to be an astronaut and i used to read about aldrin & spootnik, and i love space movies, they are my most favorite...But i will not waist 25 million to go to space...

With those 25 million dollars i would have started a lottery channel or Gambling/betting channel or i will have create a loan agency that will lend people large sums of money, like 200K, without interests but they would have to repay the money in 5 years...Why? because there are people outthere that have important projects and will like to finance it but can't do it because the interest on the loan are too high...

Did you know that's one reason why foreign people hate the U.S and the G7, because they feel we like to throw money away (the richer gets richer & the poorer gets poorer)...



"More important than winning the states' lotteries is the movie "Red Planet"..."

It would make more people even MORE angry to see 25 million dollars spent (wasted) on a "Lottery Channel."  How is that helping anyone, in a real sense of the word "help?"

I spend enough time here on LP, wouldn't have time to watch a Lottery Channel, lol.

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