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Episodes of Jackpot Diaries on A&E this weekend!!

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April 19, 2007
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Posted: May 28, 2007, 5:12 am - IP Logged

Re: the Roby, Texas winners. There were 43 people that split a $63 million dollar jackpot. Maybe at the time Texas didn't offer cash option, or maybe they all agreed on annuity, but the narrator said it came to $39,000 a year for the new millionaires.

With current prices that's not really that much.Sure it's nice to have it coming in extra, but still. Since most people today might earn that in their lifetime, was the 'mew millonaires' just hype?

Also, at least one of them sold hisr annuities to an insurance companiys to get a lump sum (for a lot less) and at the end of the segment the general consensuswas they hit once and are waiting to hit again, since most of the money is gone.

never  heard  of  this  TV  show  ...In  fact  I  have  not  turned on  my  TV  for  almost  7-8  months ........on  the  internet  day  and  night ...wonder  what  you  do  with  $$million  dollar  dreams and  $39,000  cash  once  a  year ???

it  seems  like  a  discuragement  from  winning  so  much  money ...me  I  let  some  real  ugly  woman  take  it  all  ....if  she  tells  me  she  loves  only me  ...and  not  just  with me  because  I'm  rich ;Puke

Then  there  is  my  Son  and  Daughter  and  75  relatives .  heck  I '  would  be  lucky  to  stay  off  food  stamps.....and  lets  make  sure  there  is  something  to  pay  for  Taxes ...Chair 

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    June 15, 2007
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    Posted: June 15, 2007, 8:04 am - IP Logged

    I watched Jackpot Diaries 2 tonight and to be honest all those people that won, really did deserve to win.  They were people helping people before they won and the one about the lady burying abandoned babies that had died was heart tugging..  It was a beautiful story.  I came away with a good feeling after watching the show tonight.


    because someone helped people doesn't exactly mean they deserve to win anything.  Lottery is a game and it is a game that plays into a greedy desire in people's mind.  Plain and Simple. I could have done many good things in my life and infact I have. One huge thing that lasted over 12 years of my life that took up more time than the Angel lady spent on her babies. However does that mean I deserve to win the lottery more than any of you?

    I want to win just as much as any of you. So I guess by this logic I should have won by now. But wait if we are going by what I put into that thing I did for 12 years of my life. Nearly every waking moment... 12 years of little more than 3 hours of sleep per night I might add. Then well there hasn't been a jackpot big enough to pay me what I "Deserve"


    Hey let's go to Vegas and see which gamblers out there "Deserve" their prizes.