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Summer is here....Enjoy!

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November 9, 2001
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Posted: June 21, 2007, 9:52 pm - IP Logged

When you're a kid summer means no school, so that's  Smile

when an adult, especially in some parts of the country, summer means:



the smell of mildew

your clothes always being soaked and sticking to you

"air that you wear"

snakes in the road

everybody just walking around in slo-mo and lollygagging

TV reruns 

and many, many more irritants 

as others have commented, give me fall. Things come back to life, the weather is brisk, and you feel alive again.

The only plus of sumnmer is baseball, you can have the rest of it.

Give me a fall overcast day, grey skies, getting dark around 3:00 pm, and brisk temperatures, when you can feel "The Ride of the Valkyries" playing in the air!

Every bug from georgia is trying to get into my house for water.  And they're all 5 ft. long.

I walk around looking like I peed in my pants. 

You're my kind of people - give me Fall.!!!


                        Smiley Santa   and winter

love to nibble those micey feet.