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How much would it take to live your dream?

Topic closed. 19 replies. Last post 9 years ago by stephi.

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October 17, 2005
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Posted: July 7, 2007, 8:59 pm - IP Logged

manzplan, this the first  time I actually have agree to everything you have said.

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    November 13, 2004
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    Posted: July 7, 2007, 9:20 pm - IP Logged

    My dream has nothing to do with money.  Obviously, from the time on this post I wish I could just fall asleep! 

    However, if I won $3 million cash/after tax I'd be just fine.  $1 million would be okay, a second million would be nice to invest for security,  but I also want to share.

    Sure, I'd like a billion dollars so I could buy enough land for an animal sanctuary and billions more to feed hungry people all over the world.  But I know a "small" amount like $1 million would change my life so much I'd be happy with that and just continue to live a good life and share what I can. We all talk about winning money to save the world, but that's not why most people buy lottery tickets. 

    2 million would be fine with me, but I too could do with 1 million.

    I love doubles and remember, it's just a game!!!!!!

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      June 15, 2007
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      Posted: July 8, 2007, 2:28 am - IP Logged

      It seems like everyone feels the same way. We'd all like to win a LARGE lump sum, but we also realistically know that even a small prize could be life changing. Ideally, I would want to win 100 mil after taxes, so I'd never have to worry about money again, and neither would my parents and close relatives. I also know that 1 million dollars could be very helpful. Either way, I'm crossing my fingers that I win. It looks like someone from Texas won the Mega Millions. Does anyone else get irratated when you see someone has won before the pot has grown to a very large amount? I do, I want to see 200 and 300 million dollar prizes, even when you don't win, it makes it more fun to play.

      You know I use to feel that way. But know I am happy for people who win things. However I do feel sad for those who say win the next draw after someone has won 250Million then they win say 15 Million. The reason I feel sad for them is because that just maybe their friends or extended family might view them as being a rich as the previous winner.

      That being said I do like to see Lottery Pots grow, In Canada they don't go over 30 or 40 Million very much... However there are no Taxes and you get it Lump Sum at the actual Prize Amount no cutting in half.

      I would like to see Canada have something like Powerball where the Jackpots got really really big and have the right people win it.

      My feeling is that if the right person wins a huge Jackpot and does really incredible things with the Money IE Starting Businesses, Developing Ideas, Concepts, and Products or doing things the help ease some of the environmental problems in the world like keeping land natural that it's better than a bunch of folks winning small amounts that blow it all on blingage and cars and such.

      My Ideal Prize amount as stated already would be 30 to 40 Million prize..... but I start playing when the Jackpots are about 10Million.

      Now if they had a 100 Million or even a Billion Dollar Jackpot here in Canada yes I would like to win it all.  But then my dreams would get bigger. However the majority of those winnings would be spent on buying up land and keeping it natural and reserved money for property taxes. Also I would go to areas that were likely to be developed closer to cities and then buy out the sub divisions and build environmentally friendly housing instead.  Then sell those houses and buy out more subdivision lots and build more. But those are my wildest dreams.

      So I am aiming on a Canadian Lottery win for between 15 and 40 Million. When I go to the states and play powerball or megamillions well it would be nice to win one of those ones where I would have 100 Million after the US taxes.

      So don't get too upset when someone wins.... cos it will just grow again. If no one ever wins then guess what you wouldn't either.  Just be happy for them and with that draw the win you are looking for to yourself.

      You live a life of abundance! You have won the lottery! Belief creates reality! Believe!

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        Posted: July 11, 2007, 11:26 am - IP Logged

        I'm just curious. Everyone has their own idea of a mega jackpot. For some, it's 20 million, for others, its 50, while others would say it was 100 million. Of course we'd all rather win 100 million over 20 million, but how much would it take for you to live your dream, and how much would that dream differ if you won 20 million vs. 100? I ask because I always wonder, how much money is enough to never have to worry or think about it again?

        I'd have to say, it would have be the 100 million (after taxes that is). If I was to do all the things I'd like to do with the windfall and have plenty to live off of for the rest of my life, it would have to be the 100 million! 1) The women & children's shelter here would be torn down and rebuilt! the one in Vegas would have plenty of help with the monthly electric and water bill being paid for a very long time! Since they just rebuilt that one in 1996. 2) The Boys & Girls Club would also be torn down and rebuilt, or a new one built at a new location. 3) Start a new business and also buy a business that I'd like to have and take it to new locations without franchising. 4) My daughter and son would be set for life with nice healthy trust funds! 5) My brother & sister would be helped out with their bills so they could be debt free! And that would be a one time deal for them both!

        Keep dreaming the impossible dream, it just may come true! Thumbs Up

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          February 2, 2006
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          Posted: July 11, 2007, 1:39 pm - IP Logged

          3 million before taxes preferred but 1 million before taxes would do just fine.