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The economy's effect of lottery playing

Topic closed. 16 replies. Last post 9 years ago by MissNYC.

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Does the economy have an effect on how much you spend on the lottery or how often you play?

No, not at all [ 12 ]  [46.15%]
Somewhat, I play less often [ 3 ]  [11.54%]
Somewhat, I spend less than I normally would [ 9 ]  [34.62%]
Yes, I am less likely to play [ 2 ]  [7.69%]
Total Valid Votes [ 26 ]  
Discarded Votes [ 3 ]  
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Posted: January 24, 2008, 7:50 am - IP Logged

I hate to admit this, but I began spending a little more.  (you don't have this choice)  I never spend very much anyway, and I'm fairly responsible, but I started to play Fantasy 5 more often.  I probably should skip a few days and just bet my $8 a week on Lotto.  If I had children to support it would be different, but I figure if I'm going to sink anyway, I might as well party on the ship while it's going down.

I Agree!

Additional choices (Playing More) would give a little more reality of the situation (Money Getting Tight) to the poll.

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    Posted: January 24, 2008, 11:55 am - IP Logged

    The poll forgot to say "play more"! If you're worried about money I think the easiest way to solve it would be with a big win! I might play less if I have less $ but I will be more hopeful about winning and I will use more focused algorithms and choose number more carefully. Anytime I won big was with only one or two numbers or sets in play. Less is more. If you're low on money then even a box win can make a big difference so no, bigger jackpots wouldn't make much difference with me.

    - The gas price is not rising right now.. it has been near 3 a gallon since last Spring.
    - The housing market is only terrible if you got one of those insane mortgages or if you're in the house-flipping business.
    - The recession if it exists is caused by people being afraid.. just go about your business and if everyone did that there won't
      be any recession. All I know is when we go to the Mall there is usually no place to even park so how are we supposed to get in
      there to help the economy?
    - The Lottery is a way of redistributing wealth.. millions of not-so-rich people contribute a very small amount to fund the creation of
      one or a few very rich people. Hopefully those rich people will go to the Mall (if they can park there) and support the economy... it
      makes little difference if 1 million people buy a $2 loaf of bread vs. 1 rich person buys several Hummers.

    Notice how I said "talk" about a recession, a terrible housing market, etc...I was wondering if the media hype was having an effect, but I never declared these things to be an actuality. I di dforget to put play more though...oops!

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