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Should you depend on numbers to get your bills paid??

Topic closed. 15 replies. Last post 9 years ago by Stack47.

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Posted: February 29, 2008, 9:06 pm - IP Logged

As everyone else answered...NO!  Chippie, I hope nobody here has ever said that, although I have detected desperation in many past comments.  I've seen posts where people say that the Lottery is their only way out, but that's the way millions of people think these days.  It's often called the poor man's 401K.  I also think many people spend way too much on the Lottery if the posts are true, but I won't tell anyone how to blow his money. 

Good post.  I admit that sometimes I take the Lottery too seriously, but I have Lottery Post to blame for that. 


When somebody posts 50 + pick-3 combinations and says they are good in all states, it's for predicting bragging rights and not a playing strategy. There is some benefit for the people that notice some of the combinations are hitting in their state because choosing a few combos out of 50 is better than 210. But that is for another discussion.

Paying bills or playing the lottery has more of an accumulated effect because one $5 bet can’t pay a $100 electric bill. The real effect isn't felt until they blew the $95 and now need a win to pay the bill. Believing that you'll eventually hit a large jackpot that will allow a much better retirement has more of a long term accumulative effect. After 25 years of striking out, they might come to the conclusion had they invested that money towards retirement, they would have accomplished the same results.

People can either bet what they can afford after the bills are paid or the next month they can fill out their bet slips in the dark, walk to the store to buy them, have no Internet connection to check the tickets and no phone to call their friends and family to brag to if they win.

Considering the number of posts we have on "how will you spend the money", "I'm smarter than the jackpot winner", etc. compared to posts suggesting sound playing strategies, I'll bet many people on LP really believe they have an excellent chance of hitting Mega Millions or Powerball buying 1 to 5 tickets twice a week. And hopefully it’s after all their bills are paid.