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Giving away a winning ticket

Topic closed. 16 replies. Last post 9 years ago by JackpotWanna.

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Would you consider giving a winning ticket as a tip or to a person down on luck?

No way-I won and I am keeping it [ 12 ]  [50.00%]
Yes [ 2 ]  [8.33%]
Yes but depends on the amount [ 10 ]  [41.67%]
Total Valid Votes [ 24 ]  
Discarded Votes [ 1 ]  
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Posted: March 4, 2008, 9:54 pm - IP Logged

I was in London and I played the slot machines there.  I won a token and was going to take it to the window to ask about it but something made me look for a sign that explained the tokens.  The sign said that the tokens could only be redeemed for packs of cigarrettes.

I don't smoke so I picked a random machine and put it in and pulled that handle....Click,click,click...Jackpot!  I now had more 10 pence coins then I knew what to do with.  I put them all in my front pockets and they where pulling my pants. 

I just happend to be walking through Picadilly circus right after everything closed and I was amazed to see all the bums come out and scury through the trash.  I became ill as I saw them take out fast food cups from the trash and suck out the last drop.  Then I saw them opening hamburger wrappers and eat the rest of mostly eaten hamburgers and I got even sicker.  None of them asked me for money but I walked up to them and dropped a pound or two of ten pence pieces on them.  I'll never forget the first guy I gave money to he said "oh, thank you sir" in what I can describe as a very greatful and respectful manner.  He took the money and shoved it as deep in his pocket as he could get it and scurryied off all happy for the night.  

I wouldn't give away a ticket but I would give away some money...but not to anybody who asked me for some. 

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    Posted: March 5, 2008, 10:49 am - IP Logged

    You sound like a kind person, Clairvoyance.  It's heartbreaking when those people are standing on the street.  I would probably cash it and then give the money away.  A lot of people don't play the lottery and might not even believe it was real. 

    Regarding the man with the sign, although there are a lot of scammers, chances are that the man was desperate and needed money to feed his kids.  I learned a long time ago that you can't go around telling people what to do with money.  You either trust that you are making a wise choice or you don't.  If your gut says the person is a fraud, then just pass by.  In your case, you needed the money and stopping your car wouldn't have been safe anyway, regardless of other traffic.  In FL a man stopped to pickup Aileen Warner because she looked cold & hungry and look what happened to him.  You don't know if a person stranded on the road has a partner hiding behind a tree or is carrying a gun or pepper spray.  Sad to say, since I used to stop and give someone I ride when I saw a breakdown on the road, but now I just call for help.

    I Agree!  Sadly to say, it may be wiser to call for help and move on.  Too risky.  There are people who will take advantage of good willed people.