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What's the cut off point for you?

Topic closed. 19 replies. Last post 9 years ago by mylollipop.

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January 9, 2008
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Posted: March 16, 2008, 10:03 am - IP Logged

I play MM 2x's a week, but only $1 or $2 each time until it hits $30m, then I play $3 to $5 depending on my pocket change. I do play Fantasy 5 (MI daily progressive that starts at $100k) when it hits $150k for a buck or two each day.

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    February 7, 2008
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    Posted: March 16, 2008, 10:48 am - IP Logged

    16th & 17th March, 2008

    Early and Late NY:603 036 309 093 910 593 356 583 683 262 662

    Best of luck to all players.

    Hold fast to the Dream! If we don't dream..................................we will never win. 

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      Posted: March 17, 2008, 7:31 am - IP Logged

      Meaning, do you always play certain lotteries, regardless of the jackpot? Or do you only play if the jackpot is a certain size? I only play Mega Millions and Super Lotto if the jackpot is 40 million or higher -- I figure after the cash payout and taxes, that's enough money for my husband and I to quit our jobs (if we want. I know _I_ want to!), do the specific things we have planned, and live relatively comfortably, if not super extravagantly. Anything below 40 million, I don't bother.

      Making that my cut off point also prevents me from playing every week and spending too much money, too ;)

      I play EVERY draw for MM and PB...so size of jackpot doesn't matter for me in that regard.  Also, I don't care what the "current" jackpot is for Florida, Texas, or California Super- lottos as they increase fast enough on each rollover to justify me buying multi draw tickets whenever I pass through those states.  But for all other slowly increasing lottos like IL, IN, WI, MI, etc, I only play them when they are above 10 million annuitized jackpot level.  That is not to say that I wouldn't be happy winning 500+ thousand (I would only take the CV and not the annuity), but I prefer to allocate my lottery playing resources where I could get a better bang for my buck.  That is also why I will NEVER play any scratch ifs and NO raffles...yeah the odds of winning may seem better but I have played all the above without winning anything greater than 20 dollars.  And for me, the potential of winning means more than whatever the lottery is benefiting with its proceeds.

      The only thing I can say for the above post is that to just remember Jack Whitaker...even over 100 million was enough for him to avoid financial problems...even when you do win or come into a windfall, living by a budget still makes dollars and sense!

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      The guy who won the presidency in 2008 really won the lottery...he is now millions richer, travels in first class style, and even has a staff that would be the envy of the richest Powerball winner (she has a staff of 2). Every night he goes to sleep, he probably plays the close of Dave Chappelle's Show: I'm rich beyatch!

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        March 4, 2008
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        Posted: March 17, 2008, 9:20 am - IP Logged

        Interesting how no one picked up on the 'size doesn't matter' comment or choose not to comment on it.  Cool

        Okay lets comment on it then, technically size does matter, its personal opinion, if one will spend the same amount on the jackpot frequently no matter what the size, why would spend when the pot is low when you are spending the same price when it's high?


        Me personally 15 is basically the same as 150+, only difference is what your personal opinion is of currency. You could use both values to increase your wealth or decrease your wealth.

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          Posted: March 25, 2008, 6:05 am - IP Logged

          For me, this is one area where size doesn't matter.  If I play a game, I play it when it's the minimum jackpot or it rolls.  Winning $3 million would be just fine with me and my odds don't increase just because the jackpot it larger.  For some reason, a lot people believe there is a greater chance of winning when a jackpot rolls over several times.  Yes, there probably is. But it just means that someone will probably win since so many more people are playing for that very reason.  It doesn't increase your chances, however.  So I understand that it might be wise to wait and let others spend the money while the jackpot increases, but I also know there's a possibility I will win (or lose) any time I play.

          I Agree!Plus I play smaller games and win more often!