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Does repeating numbers mean a "cheat" or "problem"

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Posted: April 19, 2008, 2:54 pm - IP Logged

In most states, if you get 3 of 4 on pick4, it doesn't pay anything at all.

In p5, 3 of 5 will get you a few bucks and in some places 2 of 5 will even get you a free re-play.

In neo-conned Amerika, bank robs you.
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    Posted: April 19, 2008, 3:02 pm - IP Logged

    In most states, if you get 3 of 4 on pick4, it doesn't pay anything at all.

    In p5, 3 of 5 will get you a few bucks and in some places 2 of 5 will even get you a free re-play.

    Exactly what I was talking about - atleast I get something back... Pogo

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      Posted: April 19, 2008, 8:25 pm - IP Logged

      Numbers Games

      Past Lottery Results for South Carolina Daily Numbers Games

      This page displays past lottery results for Pick 3 and Pick 4 drawings in South Carolina.  Use the "breadcrumb" links above to go back to the previous view.

      Drawing DatePick 3Pick 4
      Fri, Apr 18, 20087-2-90-4-58-7-3-38-5-5-8
      Thu, Apr 17, 20087-4-63-9-39-7-7-45-0-8-5
      Wed, Apr 16, 20080-7-21-7-23-1-4-21-4-6-2
      Tue, Apr 15, 20089-2-76-8-71-5-8-52-4-7-2
      Mon, Apr 14, 20085-8-36-3-31-6-2-52-1-3-8
      Sun, Apr 13, 20084-3-13-4-1-7
      Within the time spread.  Use that to your advance JAP

      Thanks but I have not played pick 4 in ages.

      Might get back into it with my ev-od / hi-lo system.

      Took a shot tonight at some predictions and had 3 of the 4 correct.


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        Posted: April 23, 2008, 7:54 pm - IP Logged
        Wed, Apr 23, 20084-7-39-5-29-2-4-40-8-4-6
        Tue, Apr 22, 20088-1-72-1-92-6-2-87-3-6-9
        Mon, Apr 21, 20080-5-17-0-64-1-5-08-0-4-5
        Sun, Apr 20, 20087-8-99-0-2-3
        Sat, Apr 19, 20089-0-47-0-00-1-3-71-2-4-1
        Fri, Apr 18, 20083-6-17-6-79-2-2-01-3-0-9
        Thu, Apr 17, 20085-3-93-1-47-9-2-33-8-4-7
        Wed, Apr 16, 20082-9-55-2-97-7-7-88-7-4-6
        Tue, Apr 15, 20081-3-96-8-28-1-0-32-0-4-9
        Mon, Apr 14, 20087-7-23-6-96-5-7-08-1-3-4
        Sun, Apr 13, 20087-8-05-5-9-0
        Sat, Apr 12, 20089-8-23-5-56-1-7-74-0-0-0
        Fri, Apr 11, 20082-8-77-8-50-4-8-24-2-3-2
        Thu, Apr 10, 20089-6-79-2-58-7-0-32-4-1-3

        TN Repeats

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          Posted: April 24, 2008, 12:01 am - IP Logged

          The lotteries always make a very big profit, repeating numbers or not they are going keep on making their big profits.

          Now, if repeating numbers were predictable enough, or if they would happen so often that they would become predictable enough, that might be a problem to the state lotteries, not a big problem, but a problem any way.

          As to the players, most players don't ever win enough and or often enough, repeating numbers or not, so to them it does not matter any more than any other time before, if there are repeating numbers or not, they are not going to win anyway, regardless.


          Now as to the relatively few players that win more and or more often than they should, if repeating numbers are keeping them from winning as much as they always do, then repeating numbers are a problem to them.


          As to repeating numbers:

          Do they repeat from last draw to next?

          Or Do they repeat from several draws back?

          Do they repeat boxed or straight?

          As we can see by the questions, it all depends on your particular prediction technique and in the answer to the questions if repeating numbers are a problem or not.

          To some people they might be and to others they might not be.

          It might not be possible to win all of the time, there might always be something that keeps you from winning as often as you want to or all of the time, repeating numbers might just be one of those things.

          Who can say for sure what is random and what is not?

          Since there is truly no random, a working definition will always be up to the beholder, that is up to each of us.

          Instead we might say that to us in particular it appears to be either more or less random.

          Is something that happens very often random enough because it happens often enough even if according to the math of the game it should not happen that often?

          The make up of a game determines how often withing certain limits something should happen, but in reality for whatever the reasons if might happen either less or more often than it should.

          What should or should not will never be as important as what really happens.

          It is better to use the random that is than the random that should be.

          I keep on repeating what I say, but a prediction technique should be developed according to what really happens and not to what should happen according to the make up of the game.

          The game might never behave exactly in the way that we want it to.

          There can be more than one possible prediction technique, we all don't see the same things so we don't use the same techniques.

          Even people who don't win often does not mean that they are not doing good, they might be doing better than if they used random numbers, the only way to know, would be to make 2 sets of predictions, one of them using random numbers, it would take very many draws to tell if the predicted numbers really did better than the random numbers or not.

          Any technique that does better than random in the long run it is of course better than random, even if no profit is made as the lotteries don't pay enough for wins.

          This does not mean that a person should use a technique that does not make a profit, even if it does beat random.

          Those who play online have the advantage of being able to play their chosen lottery, they can play whichever lottery seems to work best more often with their particular prediction technique.

          Good luck to all!