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TEST DRAW insider info for new Powerball. 17 & 7 are ON FIRE.

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June 16, 2006
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Posted: January 22, 2009, 2:37 am - IP Logged

Just saying something can be done does not make it true.

We can fly to Mars, but that doesn't mean we WILL.

Each of us is capable of winning any lottery, that doesn't mean we WILL.

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    June 16, 2006
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    Posted: January 22, 2009, 2:39 am - IP Logged

    It just goes to prove what many players had said, "The average players won't notice much change in their chances of winning/loosing once the odds are 1:100,000,000 or greater."

    I'm not so sure we would notice a difference if the odds were 1:25,000,000 to be honest with you.


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      October 22, 2005
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      Posted: January 22, 2009, 5:47 am - IP Logged

      First off, the numbers are random. I have accept and live with that.

      The biggest factor or problem with powerball is the odds. That is why the keep increasing the darn number of balls.

      Picking 1 exact number out of 195,000,000 is impossible when in reality guessing what number somebody is think of b/w 1 and 100 only gets you close at best most of the time.

      If you were given a choice to buy your favorite numbers at the store the stand in front of the television cameras and blow air on the balls till you dupicate you ticket. How would that make you feel?

      The reality is that any event that occurs in sequence will have a predictable measure. The only thing fixed in this event is 5 wb and 1 pb. The value of those 5 wb and 1 pb is not fixed. Knowing 5 wb and 1 pb will be drawn does make it predictable, non random or less random.

      Non randomness entails that you don't go through the entire combination to predict the next value.

      Predicatability means there is a formula you can apply ALL THE TIME to get the next value.

      It is wise to abandon that pursit and do your best using predictive measures.

      For example last nights PB with results 20-26-38-46-54 x23

      My picks - 01 08 10 15 18 20 22 27 30 33 38 43 47 48 49 54 56 57

      It is no accident that I got 3 wb out of 18 because my numbers have beaten the odds.

      I select 11 of my best white balls

      My selection - 08 10 18 22 33 38 43 56 27 49 01

      I couldn't predict the 20 and 54. I wrestled with playing 20 all day because their was slight evidence it was in the center of my picks but not enough evidence (or I don't have enough data yet) to show it was urgent, a priority, hot etc. 54 I just would have gotten unless I was luck (at least at this point).

      46 met predictivity at top level but was not under evaluation. 26 was not evaluated and I just don't know anything about it.

      Trying your luck and hoping for the best I think is what any of us can do.

      Therefore any of a million systems are relevant if not good nor the best you are in the race and that's what matters.