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FL resident looking for way to play/win Powerball anonymously

Topic closed. 18 replies. Last post 8 years ago by KY Floyd.

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July 30, 2006
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Posted: January 17, 2009, 6:49 pm - IP Logged

I have a question.   7% of $96.9 million is about $6.7 million.  Wouldn't it be easier to just give away some of your money to nagging relatives? 


Yes Nod

Entitlement they'll think they are "entitled" and will keep coming back for more when it runs out,  you would then be their "Sugar Mama" kinda like an extra special spreading your wealth "Personal Familial Welfare Provider".   At some point you will need a bail out  (a bail out, like bailing to another place very far away...................). 

Conehead  The Conehead family was a very close family,  but all their relatives lived on another planet, they would probably be OK.

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    April 14, 2008
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    Posted: January 17, 2009, 7:21 pm - IP Logged

    My best advise is to run from this area.

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      Posted: January 17, 2009, 7:55 pm - IP Logged

      I tend to buy powerball tickets when I drive home to visit family. I drive through 2 powerball states and my Mom lives in a city that borders Deleware (I love those little smiley faces they let you wear over your face..not that I've ever had the chance to wear one but maybe one day).  I just buy the maximum number multi draws. I'm a bit leary about buying tickets in West VA though....seems problematic in the karma division.

      Concerning your question...you can physically buy any lottery ticket in any state, even if you don't live there, and take it across state borders...that's legal.  Someone can also buy it for you and hold it or give it to you later...I wouldn't advise this unless you really trust the person though, and even then realize that money has the propensity change things between people...

      Other states allow you to claim in "undercover" ways through trusts and what-not...but you can get this information on the powerball website or usamega....I forget which.  OR, OR, OR...you could search the archives of this site too. It's fun, trust me I know.

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        October 16, 2005
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        Posted: January 19, 2009, 4:41 am - IP Logged

        Guess I'll have to decide if a ~7% cut is worth not being hounded by press/"friends"/criminals/charities.

        Assuming it is, I'm still left with my original question.

        The press won't hound you unless you give them a good reason. Yeah, they'll want some interviews in the first week, but then they'll go on to the next story. Charities can't really hound you unless you're stupid enough to keep putting your name in the phone book. History strongly suggests that for the most part criminals are only a problem if you go out of your way to make yourself a good target.

        If you think you can win a significant jackpot and not have yourfriends and relatives notice that you've got the money you're probablydelusional, and almost certainly wrong. I certainly wouldn't bother paying 7% I didn't have to pay when it probably would't make much difference at all. If you lived in a state that had an income tax, and there wasn't a penalty for winning with an out of state ticket, then it would be a different story. JustX is right about going out of your way, though.  If you're not going there anyway, you can figure on adding 30 to 60 cents per mile to the cost of your tickets.

        What history has definitely shown us is that the worst enemys that winners have is almost always themselves. If you're not a danger to your wealth, there's no tmuch reason to worry  about other people causing you problems.