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I am physic but not a magician!

Topic closed. 48 replies. Last post 9 years ago by Todd.

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Posted: January 23, 2009, 9:53 am - IP Logged

  I Agree!  Amway pyramid at least leaves you with tangible product.


Zacman if you're indeed psychic then please by all means demonstrate your abilities by participating in Maddog's Mega Millions and Powerball Challenges under the Jackpot forum heading.

There's one tonight, all are welcome to post their predictions.

Additionally there is the prediction board for individual states or all states so we'd like to see what you have going for you.  Again free, all are welcome.  Big Grin

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    Posted: January 23, 2009, 9:58 am - IP Logged

    Actually I'm surprised this thread is still active and that Todd hasn't pulled it. On Zacman's homepage it blatantly asks you to join his pool so you were right,MillionsWanted. I didn't think this was allowed or it that kind of thing only allowed on homepages? What?

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      Posted: January 23, 2009, 10:03 am - IP Logged

      Zacman, my advice is to avoid this topic all together. If you want to "sell" something, open your own website and promote but not at Lottery Post.  When anyone starts talking like the way you are doing a whole bunch of RED FLAGS pop up. If you are really here to win and make friends then stop "selling". Have fun and post some numbers and systems (for free of course). We have seen our share of new members selling something.

      I Agree! I am almost certain the Chief (Todd) will put a halt to this and not a minute to SOON!!!!


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        Posted: January 23, 2009, 10:21 am - IP Logged

        Well yes it is possible,


        And I of course understand why you would be wondering.


        I buy $50.00 of tickets a month. That's it. What I do is recruit others to join my pool and we split the winnings.

        Here's how it works. Everyone pays 50 bucks a month. When you get someone else to join us, you get 25 bucks a month for that person, and everyone else you get to join.

        You are also entered into every FL state lottery drawing every month. But you only get 50% if you win. This is so the ones responsible for getting you into the system five levels up can get their 10%.

        Now, here's is where it gets really interesting. Not only do I get 25 bucks for everyone I get in. But the ones I got in get the same and I get 2 bucks for ones they get into the system.

        So, I can actually make a ton even if I never win. But, the more I get in to the system, and the more my people get in, I can actually be playing 10s of thousands of tickets every month and get 10% if any one of them wins anything.

        Pretty cool huh?

        And yes this is totally legal. Been going on for over ten years.


        Hope that answered your question.


        I'm glad you explained this scam so perfectly for everyone to understand.

        Yes, it's a pyramid scam, and it is NOT legal.  Pyramid scams have been under attack around the world.  Lottery Post has documented several instances in the News section.

        Who exactly enters you into a Florida Lottery drawing?  You sure that really happens?  Because I'm pretty sure it doesn't.  It's another part of the scam.

        Have you become a millionaire yet?  I think you'll be waiting for that "magic" moment to happen for a while, if you're counting on this scam to get you there.


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