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Next HUGE jackpot winner..Working class hero/enemy??

Topic closed. 30 replies. Last post 8 years ago by petergrfn.

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Will the Public sentiment be Hate or Love for jackpot winner?

Public will hate Jackpot Winner [ 8 ]  [16.00%]
Public will Like Jackpot Winner [ 9 ]  [18.00%]
Public won't care [ 30 ]  [60.00%]
Other [ 3 ]  [6.00%]
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November 16, 2005
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Posted: April 1, 2009, 2:28 pm - IP Logged

"So my question is if other people feel some people didn't "deserve" money that their work contracts allowed them then what's to keep them from your lotto winnings??  Who's to say that you are "deserving" of millions of dollars from Poor taxpayers?"

Hi Petergrfn!

Hey, you have to know that, "Poor" taxpayers buy lottery tickets and do it for the same reasons "rich" taxpayers do it....THEY WANT TO WIN....

Most people are upset with the AIG fiasco because these executives were given crazy bonuses..... AND these were given on a job that WAS NOT WELL DONE.....( THEY HAVE NOT EVEN BEGUN TO FIX THE PROBLEMS). 

These contracts (which have been around for awhile) do not make for good business in that even if these execs were newly hired, it is common knowledge AND common sense that you REWARD people for a job well done..........AFTER they have done the job....AND not before....these people did not do anything to get million dollar bonuses....(REMEMBER this is in ADDITION to their already hefty salaries!!!!)

This whole "give-you-a-bonus-just-for being-a-top-dog-even-if-our-company-is-failing" has been going on for years....its just that the average American is finding out how deep the rabbit whole is and that this is how things have been done......(AND people have every right to be ticked-off about it...)

The AIG exec are probably dismayed by the nations response, which is similiar to what the OctoMom is going through....she probably thought that people would be so happy for her....(and at first the media was positive on the birth announcement), UNTIL it was revealed that she did this on purpose, with no job or steady income, is depending on her parents for support and has six other children already at home....The mood quickly changed.  Selfishness and greed will always provoke a negative response.


The lottery is a free-will activity and IF you win, YOU ARE ENTITILED TO IT....(It is not selfishness or greed to want to win!)

The only "thing" you have to do to win the lottery is first, BUY A TICKET!!! That's it.  You've done your part.

Nobody is making you do it....You do it KNOWING that you may loose but HOPING that you will win....

The only rule is you have to be in it to win it! 

If it is meant for someone to win a $300 million jackpot, a 400 milllion jackpot or even a back-to-back jackpot (which I think will be soo cool!!!).... and IF other people get upset over that...... then you have to know that those people will get upset (envious, convet) over anything!

I am convinced that the average person who buys a lottery ticket does not have the selfish mentally of an AIG exec or the "OctoMom"...

The average person who buys a lottery ticket just wants a better life for themselves and their loved ones...they want to be debt-free, own property that is paid for, and be able to give at a moments notice.....AND they know that if winning the lottery happend for one person..... it can surely happen for them....THAT attitude alone will eliminate any feelings of hostility.

That wasn't my point at all.   I shouldn't have mentioned AIG as it is obviously a Hot topic for many people.    Some people feel like NO ONE is entitled to have that kind of money while people are out of work during this recession.    I think Congress is exploiting these feelings by tageting AIG.  I don't know if they "deserved" the money more than anyone else. Who "deserves" millions of dollars?   What have most people done that warrants that much money? Have you or I done that many "GOOD" things in life we actually "deserve" millions of dollars?  I don't know.   My point is Congress  just went in and decided that these people took too much money.  So they put a retroactive tax on them.  They just VOIDED a contract of compensation for PRIVATE citizens!   If they can void a contract for AIG then do you think they couldn't if the populist tides turn against the Conspicuous Consumption of a Lottery winner?    NO.  They can void ANY contract apparently at any time!  As long as the people are angry enough at the target.   How long would it take to gin up hatred of a lottery winner who lives in a mansion and drives several cars while people are out of work and losing their homes/cars?   Not very long I'm guessing!   People are saying it's right to do this because they recieved bailout money..Right?  Well The Lottery uses tax money as well and is government run as well.  So by that logic some people might conclude that our money shouldn't go to these Greedy Lottery Winners.  If congress  can break a contract of payment with AIG..you can bet they can do it with a lottery.  Who is going to stand up to them?  Mabey a couple of lotto winners but not many people.    When the RICH are the enemies of so many people..the targets of the blame.   General mob/poplulism rule!    So they can place a 90% or more regresive tax on your win and no one will stand up to say that's not right.   Because they've got everone in a mob rule mentality of Hate the Rich.