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How Can I Win Lottery?

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Posted: April 9, 2009, 11:39 am - IP Logged

Some "Super Lotto" 6/49 games draws an extra bonus ball which make them a 6/49+1 or a 7/49 game.  Ohio once had such a game but now it has just a plain Classic Lotto 6/49 game.

Thanks RJOH!!

Figured out a way to do it using Expert Lotto, by importing the 25,000 lines as a package, then backtesting.

There were no 7-digit hits.

These are the draws where 6-digits hit.

true,10/22/08 Wed,8,9,12,20,39,42,45
true,05/28/08 Wed,3,4,8,22,23,26,28
true,06/02/07 Sat,8,16,19,28,32,40,46
true,01/05/05 Wed,1,2,23,30,36,42,43
true,05/01/04 Sat,8,14,21,24,26,34,38
true,01/21/04 Wed,1,7,26,40,43,45,46
true,03/26/03 Wed,4,6,7,18,36,46,47
true,09/07/02 Sat,3,4,8,12,24,28,31
true,01/05/00 Wed,3,12,19,22,35,40,47
true,06/02/93 Wed,1,3,19,23,32,37,47
true,08/26/89 Sat,4,12,14,32,33,44,45

These are the draws where 5-digits hit.

true,04/08/09 Wed,2,5,13,18,24,35,43
true,04/04/09 Sat,17,20,22,33,37,40,48
true,03/25/09 Wed,9,13,16,34,42,44,48
true,03/21/09 Sat,14,19,34,37,39,42,47
true,03/18/09 Wed,11,27,29,33,34,36,44
true,02/28/09 Sat,2,8,26,34,46,48,49
true,02/18/09 Wed,5,11,17,34,37,41,49
true,02/04/09 Wed,15,16,22,31,32,43,44
true,01/31/09 Sat,14,15,20,28,34,39,41
true,01/28/09 Wed,1,6,20,22,24,36,46
true,01/07/09 Wed,4,10,13,19,35,39,41
true,12/31/08 Wed,5,7,23,26,33,37,38
true,12/17/08 Wed,11,18,22,25,28,30,49
true,12/13/08 Sat,4,9,15,34,36,43,47
true,11/29/08 Sat,9,12,16,26,27,30,37
true,11/19/08 Wed,24,28,34,35,38,44,45
true,11/12/08 Wed,12,30,34,36,38,39,43
true,11/08/08 Sat,2,3,19,28,36,39,45
true,11/05/08 Wed,4,13,17,27,34,35,45
true,11/01/08 Sat,18,19,25,33,40,42,49
true,10/04/08 Sat,2,12,19,23,25,36,46
true,10/01/08 Wed,2,8,22,29,34,47,48
true,09/27/08 Sat,11,19,29,33,34,44,46
true,09/03/08 Wed,5,13,21,28,32,43,46
true,08/30/08 Sat,2,26,29,31,36,37,45
true,08/23/08 Sat,3,7,13,24,30,38,46
true,08/20/08 Wed,3,6,9,27,28,36,45
true,08/16/08 Sat,3,12,16,19,32,42,49
true,08/06/08 Wed,10,18,22,26,34,38,39
true,08/02/08 Sat,2,9,26,34,44,47,49
true,07/30/08 Wed,3,10,21,26,38,43,48
true,07/26/08 Sat,2,6,20,23,24,38,45
true,07/23/08 Wed,1,7,9,25,35,40,48
true,07/19/08 Sat,10,20,23,28,36,40,46
true,07/16/08 Wed,3,10,16,17,19,25,39
true,06/28/08 Sat,4,16,20,23,28,32,44
true,06/18/08 Wed,2,11,12,31,40,44,45
true,06/14/08 Sat,6,9,14,18,36,42,44
true,06/11/08 Wed,2,24,33,35,37,44,48
true,06/07/08 Sat,24,27,29,33,36,46,48
true,05/31/08 Sat,2,9,11,22,26,34,35
true,05/21/08 Wed,3,4,6,7,19,28,32
true,05/07/08 Wed,13,18,22,29,33,46,49
true,04/26/08 Sat,1,2,18,30,38,42,45
true,04/19/08 Sat,5,9,27,30,32,46,49
true,04/09/08 Wed,20,21,22,25,29,39,41
true,04/05/08 Sat,16,18,21,27,36,43,44
true,04/02/08 Wed,2,5,8,11,20,21,33
true,03/22/08 Sat,5,6,7,10,25,36,38
true,03/08/08 Sat,11,12,13,16,28,46,48
true,03/01/08 Sat,2,3,7,9,28,31,43
true,02/02/08 Sat,7,9,11,13,34,46,47
true,01/12/08 Sat,3,10,32,35,43,44,46
true,01/05/08 Sat,3,22,25,36,39,40,41
true,12/26/07 Wed,8,9,10,12,14,31,39
true,12/19/07 Wed,6,9,15,32,37,38,48
true,12/15/07 Sat,3,11,32,33,34,44,48
true,12/12/07 Wed,6,22,24,31,32,34,39
true,12/05/07 Wed,1,2,12,23,29,30,42
true,12/01/07 Sat,16,21,31,37,40,43,45
true,11/14/07 Wed,3,15,24,25,39,40,44
true,11/10/07 Sat,3,13,14,17,20,40,42
true,11/03/07 Sat,8,23,33,37,40,46,49
true,10/27/07 Sat,9,12,13,17,34,40,47
true,10/13/07 Sat,1,21,26,30,32,39,47
true,10/06/07 Sat,5,6,15,30,35,41,48
true,10/03/07 Wed,3,17,18,24,31,32,42
true,09/29/07 Sat,9,19,26,29,33,39,45
true,09/19/07 Wed,5,17,24,36,39,41,49
true,09/15/07 Sat,9,24,39,40,43,46,48
true,09/08/07 Sat,3,8,16,20,23,24,25
true,08/22/07 Wed,2,7,18,22,32,36,43
true,08/18/07 Sat,2,12,32,34,38,43,48
true,08/04/07 Sat,9,17,18,20,41,46,49
true,07/18/07 Wed,2,3,17,18,31,38,46
true,07/11/07 Wed,4,14,21,29,36,41,46
true,06/30/07 Sat,6,12,25,31,43,45,47
true,06/27/07 Wed,7,11,14,17,19,34,37
true,06/23/07 Sat,7,20,21,24,37,43,49
true,06/06/07 Wed,2,9,11,24,31,39,49
true,05/30/07 Wed,3,16,20,27,34,35,38
true,05/26/07 Sat,6,17,29,32,36,37,47
true,05/23/07 Wed,4,13,16,19,23,33,48
true,05/19/07 Sat,8,16,33,35,37,40,42
true,05/16/07 Wed,9,11,14,31,33,37,45
true,05/09/07 Wed,11,17,19,27,32,39,49
true,04/28/07 Sat,3,19,20,23,35,38,48
true,04/21/07 Sat,17,18,29,33,43,45,49
true,04/18/07 Wed,1,14,22,25,30,44,48
true,03/14/07 Wed,12,19,22,34,36,46,47
true,03/03/07 Sat,3,9,21,27,37,43,44
true,02/24/07 Sat,4,6,13,15,33,38,40
true,02/21/07 Wed,5,6,17,21,31,46,49
true,02/17/07 Sat,13,19,20,31,36,43,46
true,02/10/07 Sat,8,13,23,26,37,41,42
true,02/07/07 Wed,4,8,11,21,27,37,47
true,01/31/07 Wed,2,6,9,11,14,25,37
true,01/27/07 Sat,6,7,9,17,20,22,40
true,12/30/06 Sat,1,10,14,18,40,45,49
true,12/27/06 Wed,4,5,12,22,24,38,45
true,12/20/06 Wed,2,9,12,29,33,37,46
true,12/13/06 Wed,1,8,11,22,27,33,36
true,12/09/06 Sat,4,11,18,20,24,29,44
true,12/02/06 Sat,1,8,32,33,43,46,49
true,11/29/06 Wed,5,8,9,14,31,37,46
true,11/22/06 Wed,3,8,14,28,31,32,39
true,11/18/06 Sat,1,11,22,25,39,41,44
true,11/15/06 Wed,5,8,24,34,37,44,47
true,11/01/06 Wed,2,18,24,25,30,40,45
true,10/18/06 Wed,6,18,25,34,41,45,49
true,10/14/06 Sat,9,14,22,25,45,47,49
true,09/30/06 Sat,1,10,18,19,24,31,46
true,09/27/06 Wed,2,15,23,38,40,41,49
true,08/30/06 Wed,1,9,15,26,29,32,46
true,08/23/06 Wed,3,4,7,16,23,27,39
true,08/16/06 Wed,3,4,8,22,25,41,48
true,08/09/06 Wed,13,15,25,28,29,33,47
true,08/02/06 Wed,6,24,26,27,33,41,42
true,07/26/06 Wed,3,7,15,32,38,43,47
true,07/15/06 Sat,13,17,21,33,38,41,42
true,07/12/06 Wed,6,16,26,30,38,44,45
true,06/28/06 Wed,3,5,19,20,31,34,47
true,06/24/06 Sat,2,17,20,26,29,37,45
true,06/07/06 Wed,8,11,12,14,27,34,48
true,06/03/06 Sat,8,11,20,21,27,36,48
true,05/24/06 Wed,1,5,15,18,19,29,37
true,05/06/06 Sat,6,28,30,31,34,47,48
true,04/05/06 Wed,10,19,20,26,35,36,38
true,03/25/06 Sat,17,23,24,33,35,41,47
true,03/22/06 Wed,8,12,17,23,36,38,43
true,03/08/06 Wed,11,15,18,21,33,42,49
true,03/01/06 Wed,9,10,15,22,33,38,48
true,02/25/06 Sat,7,9,13,23,26,28,47
true,02/11/06 Sat,5,21,29,30,36,45,49
true,02/08/06 Wed,19,29,33,34,40,46,48
true,02/04/06 Sat,2,11,16,17,29,39,41
true,01/21/06 Sat,3,5,8,10,21,30,37
true,01/14/06 Sat,11,29,30,35,36,44,48
true,12/03/05 Sat,16,19,21,24,25,35,45
true,11/26/05 Sat,15,21,22,31,35,41,46
true,11/05/05 Sat,4,30,38,39,42,45,46
true,11/02/05 Wed,9,13,14,32,40,43,49
true,10/26/05 Wed,5,11,20,30,31,37,43
true,10/19/05 Wed,11,19,32,33,35,39,40
true,09/28/05 Wed,4,11,21,27,36,38,41
true,09/17/05 Sat,4,7,13,33,37,40,47
true,09/10/05 Sat,6,8,26,33,35,41,42
true,09/07/05 Wed,2,3,16,22,37,45,49
true,09/03/05 Sat,8,12,22,24,37,42,46
true,08/27/05 Sat,2,32,39,42,45,46,49
true,08/17/05 Wed,4,7,24,27,28,37,41
true,08/03/05 Wed,4,5,6,10,18,23,35
true,07/20/05 Wed,2,7,22,27,42,45,48
true,07/13/05 Wed,1,7,8,14,26,32,33
true,06/25/05 Sat,2,10,11,17,25,26,44
true,06/18/05 Sat,5,6,7,20,36,38,46
true,06/04/05 Sat,11,16,18,19,21,23,41
true,05/21/05 Sat,1,21,23,27,38,40,45
true,05/14/05 Sat,5,11,20,23,27,28,42
true,05/07/05 Sat,6,26,28,30,33,34,49
true,05/04/05 Wed,12,19,23,24,28,29,44
true,04/23/05 Sat,8,18,19,23,29,33,45
true,04/20/05 Wed,8,9,12,20,39,45,48
true,04/02/05 Sat,4,11,12,24,25,38,41
true,03/26/05 Sat,2,19,24,27,32,41,43
true,03/19/05 Sat,2,9,12,30,35,37,46
true,03/12/05 Sat,6,7,8,19,30,34,43
true,03/05/05 Sat,6,12,20,21,22,24,43
true,02/26/05 Sat,4,8,12,22,37,43,49
true,02/12/05 Sat,5,12,16,26,37,40,43
true,01/19/05 Wed,2,5,18,21,34,36,43
true,01/15/05 Sat,1,8,21,27,33,34,42
true,12/25/04 Sat,4,13,16,32,34,35,37
true,12/11/04 Sat,2,9,39,40,43,47,48
true,10/30/04 Sat,9,18,26,29,39,43,45
true,10/27/04 Wed,29,30,33,34,37,46,47
true,10/23/04 Sat,1,8,13,24,27,36,43
true,10/20/04 Wed,2,3,9,13,14,31,36
true,10/09/04 Sat,6,16,23,33,35,43,49
true,10/06/04 Wed,18,20,26,29,31,40,49
true,10/02/04 Sat,4,9,14,27,32,35,48
true,09/29/04 Wed,10,12,14,26,27,34,36
true,09/15/04 Wed,1,3,15,16,22,37,39
true,09/11/04 Sat,7,10,21,27,29,32,43
true,08/28/04 Sat,12,17,19,23,24,28,38
true,08/18/04 Wed,3,4,13,19,21,27,29
true,08/11/04 Wed,4,16,18,28,30,35,38
true,07/17/04 Sat,10,18,23,26,41,42,43
true,07/14/04 Wed,7,12,19,32,35,36,43
true,06/30/04 Wed,2,7,21,31,32,41,49
true,06/23/04 Wed,4,6,15,22,26,27,40
true,06/16/04 Wed,4,22,30,39,46,47,49
true,06/09/04 Wed,7,23,24,27,41,42,49
true,06/02/04 Wed,1,4,7,20,21,26,43
true,05/26/04 Wed,13,14,35,37,44,46,48
true,05/19/04 Wed,5,11,16,24,26,46,48
true,05/01/04 Sat,8,14,21,24,26,34,38
true,04/28/04 Wed,16,22,30,36,39,45,47
true,04/24/04 Sat,4,6,15,22,23,25,27
true,04/03/04 Sat,3,17,22,25,27,40,46
true,03/27/04 Sat,7,19,31,36,43,45,49
true,03/06/04 Sat,2,12,17,25,26,43,44
true,03/03/04 Wed,1,2,7,16,20,43,44
true,02/18/04 Wed,3,21,22,26,27,40,47
true,02/11/04 Wed,4,10,12,14,19,21,28
true,01/28/04 Wed,3,12,14,20,23,25,45
true,01/21/04 Wed,1,7,26,40,43,45,46
true,01/17/04 Sat,2,12,14,25,40,41,47
true,01/10/04 Sat,13,16,18,21,26,32,33
true,01/03/04 Sat,9,13,24,30,36,44,45
true,12/31/03 Wed,13,14,17,20,23,39,40
true,12/27/03 Sat,3,5,9,17,31,37,44
true,12/17/03 Wed,5,11,14,17,25,34,44
true,12/03/03 Wed,1,3,11,27,31,33,35
true,11/15/03 Sat,18,27,33,34,42,44,47
true,11/08/03 Sat,2,23,28,29,43,47,49
true,11/01/03 Sat,8,18,29,31,34,41,43
true,10/29/03 Wed,8,9,22,29,33,37,49
true,10/25/03 Sat,8,13,16,19,26,33,49
true,10/22/03 Wed,11,17,26,31,34,40,44
true,10/11/03 Sat,6,9,13,21,25,27,32
true,09/27/03 Sat,7,8,15,16,37,43,44
true,09/24/03 Wed,3,5,11,25,34,38,47
true,09/13/03 Sat,12,21,25,26,37,43,49
true,08/30/03 Sat,3,6,11,37,38,45,47
true,08/27/03 Wed,7,14,20,23,32,38,46
true,08/20/03 Wed,12,16,20,24,29,36,47
true,08/16/03 Sat,11,15,17,19,30,32,39
true,08/13/03 Wed,5,6,13,16,27,30,44
true,08/09/03 Sat,5,7,10,13,27,29,43
true,07/26/03 Sat,8,11,22,26,35,41,46
true,07/23/03 Wed,2,7,9,15,36,37,49
true,07/12/03 Sat,3,4,8,13,21,29,35
true,07/09/03 Wed,4,6,9,13,31,46,48
true,07/05/03 Sat,4,15,26,37,40,41,45
true,06/28/03 Sat,7,9,19,20,25,34,44
true,06/21/03 Sat,12,22,25,32,34,39,40
true,06/18/03 Wed,1,10,11,29,30,42,44
true,06/11/03 Wed,3,9,14,24,37,46,49
true,06/04/03 Wed,18,19,29,33,40,43,47
true,05/24/03 Sat,6,12,15,25,31,46,47
true,04/26/03 Sat,3,6,17,20,30,32,35
true,04/16/03 Wed,8,18,21,26,31,42,48
true,04/09/03 Wed,8,10,15,16,25,31,46
true,04/02/03 Wed,1,7,25,32,33,34,35
true,03/29/03 Sat,5,7,18,19,30,37,46
true,03/12/03 Wed,5,16,18,21,22,32,33
true,03/08/03 Sat,8,20,22,24,30,33,44
true,03/05/03 Wed,6,8,19,27,34,45,46
true,03/01/03 Sat,5,17,22,34,40,45,47
true,02/22/03 Sat,2,6,17,34,46,48,49
true,02/05/03 Wed,7,9,33,35,36,45,47
true,02/01/03 Sat,1,5,16,29,43,44,48
true,01/25/03 Sat,9,14,17,32,36,39,49
true,01/22/03 Wed,18,22,24,26,29,35,37
true,01/15/03 Wed,14,15,17,25,36,38,45
true,01/04/03 Sat,5,13,18,21,30,37,46
true,01/01/03 Wed,2,5,7,32,34,38,49
true,12/25/02 Wed,1,17,19,21,22,36,44
true,12/21/02 Sat,26,27,29,35,45,48,49
true,11/23/02 Sat,7,10,15,19,24,25,29
true,11/20/02 Wed,21,29,32,38,40,42,47
true,11/13/02 Wed,6,7,16,17,25,40,48
true,11/02/02 Sat,3,4,8,11,21,27,48
true,10/16/02 Wed,2,14,23,25,36,46,47
true,10/05/02 Sat,1,12,13,16,20,24,26
true,09/28/02 Sat,1,5,16,17,31,38,45
true,09/14/02 Sat,6,16,23,24,31,34,39
true,09/11/02 Wed,2,8,12,15,21,28,49
true,09/07/02 Sat,3,4,8,12,24,28,31
true,09/04/02 Wed,2,8,10,14,30,31,39
true,08/31/02 Sat,6,7,10,11,14,28,47
true,08/28/02 Wed,2,11,20,29,30,38,48
true,08/24/02 Sat,2,7,21,29,43,44,46
true,08/14/02 Wed,11,16,28,33,37,40,46
true,08/10/02 Sat,13,16,18,25,27,43,45
true,08/07/02 Wed,2,16,18,21,22,28,47
true,07/31/02 Wed,9,11,25,27,33,40,42
true,07/03/02 Wed,17,25,27,28,36,37,40
true,06/29/02 Sat,8,22,41,43,46,48,49
true,06/19/02 Wed,5,10,18,34,35,36,45
true,05/22/02 Wed,4,8,9,26,34,43,48
true,05/18/02 Sat,13,15,23,24,34,42,47
true,05/15/02 Wed,1,4,9,14,20,41,44
true,05/11/02 Sat,9,33,35,36,40,46,47
true,05/08/02 Wed,1,10,30,37,39,44,49
true,05/04/02 Sat,15,18,23,38,39,44,49
true,05/01/02 Wed,1,6,25,31,33,43,49
true,04/24/02 Wed,7,22,35,36,40,41,49
true,04/17/02 Wed,11,19,35,36,39,44,48
true,04/13/02 Sat,15,23,27,35,38,44,46
true,03/27/02 Wed,17,26,30,34,43,46,48
true,03/20/02 Wed,3,11,12,17,23,29,41
true,02/27/02 Wed,4,7,13,16,36,39,40
true,02/23/02 Sat,6,7,28,38,39,44,48
true,02/16/02 Sat,3,16,29,34,40,46,48
true,01/23/02 Wed,1,7,8,28,33,40,44
true,01/19/02 Sat,7,9,22,35,36,40,47
true,01/09/02 Wed,8,12,15,23,28,39,43
true,01/02/02 Wed,8,9,15,22,26,30,39
true,12/26/01 Wed,3,6,9,10,13,20,29
true,12/22/01 Sat,14,24,27,34,38,44,45
true,12/19/01 Wed,10,11,17,19,20,25,35
true,12/15/01 Sat,1,8,18,27,31,34,37
true,11/17/01 Sat,4,15,21,31,41,43,49
true,11/07/01 Wed,2,5,13,18,29,35,42
true,10/06/01 Sat,1,11,18,27,28,43,47
true,10/03/01 Wed,1,19,20,22,28,40,42
true,09/12/01 Wed,7,15,29,34,38,43,45
true,09/08/01 Sat,4,22,25,27,31,39,45
true,09/05/01 Wed,5,8,9,21,34,42,43
true,09/01/01 Sat,7,8,18,23,47,48,49
true,08/18/01 Sat,5,14,19,26,29,40,42
true,08/08/01 Wed,16,19,29,35,36,38,47
true,08/04/01 Sat,1,5,11,15,33,36,49
true,07/28/01 Sat,15,23,26,29,41,46,48
true,07/25/01 Wed,6,8,12,13,24,34,46
true,06/30/01 Sat,3,8,15,32,44,46,48
true,06/27/01 Wed,1,3,11,19,27,30,48
true,06/23/01 Sat,3,15,24,36,42,47,49
true,06/20/01 Wed,2,3,13,17,23,32,39
true,05/26/01 Sat,2,19,21,25,30,41,45
true,05/23/01 Wed,5,9,15,21,32,42,43
true,05/12/01 Sat,2,3,6,25,26,42,44
true,05/02/01 Wed,1,31,38,40,43,45,46
true,04/18/01 Wed,5,11,16,20,25,46,48
true,04/14/01 Sat,3,12,14,30,33,36,40
true,04/07/01 Sat,2,11,25,27,28,40,44
true,03/21/01 Wed,4,20,21,27,42,43,47
true,03/14/01 Wed,4,6,20,31,36,38,44
true,03/07/01 Wed,19,20,22,24,38,41,42
true,02/28/01 Wed,6,9,17,18,20,27,39
true,02/17/01 Sat,9,13,20,27,28,38,42
true,02/14/01 Wed,6,12,13,14,32,41,43
true,02/07/01 Wed,9,23,29,38,39,43,45
true,01/27/01 Sat,8,26,30,32,37,41,47
true,01/17/01 Wed,3,9,11,28,29,37,47
true,01/06/01 Sat,17,30,34,37,41,43,48
true,12/23/00 Sat,11,15,24,25,30,31,33
true,12/16/00 Sat,4,17,27,33,34,42,45
true,12/13/00 Wed,14,16,18,19,34,40,45
true,11/25/00 Sat,12,23,24,31,33,45,46
true,11/15/00 Wed,24,25,28,36,37,40,42
true,11/11/00 Sat,21,26,29,33,42,44,49
true,10/21/00 Sat,17,38,43,44,45,46,47
true,10/04/00 Wed,7,13,14,19,40,43,49
true,09/20/00 Wed,3,6,14,21,30,36,40
true,09/16/00 Sat,15,20,36,37,45,46,49
true,09/13/00 Wed,2,10,27,29,31,46,49
true,09/06/00 Wed,20,27,31,32,40,42,45
true,09/02/00 Sat,4,6,12,18,27,28,46
true,08/16/00 Wed,9,10,15,16,32,33,41
true,08/12/00 Sat,3,13,14,18,29,40,48
true,07/22/00 Sat,1,12,18,23,26,42,47
true,07/19/00 Wed,9,15,17,32,42,43,45
true,07/15/00 Sat,4,20,25,28,34,42,49
true,07/12/00 Wed,16,21,25,31,35,42,44
true,06/14/00 Wed,5,6,21,22,26,33,40
true,05/06/00 Sat,6,11,12,19,34,36,45
true,04/19/00 Wed,12,16,32,42,44,47,49
true,04/01/00 Sat,3,16,19,32,39,46,49
true,03/22/00 Wed,3,8,10,17,24,27,43
true,03/15/00 Wed,4,5,22,26,29,30,34
true,03/11/00 Sat,3,12,26,34,37,38,41
true,03/04/00 Sat,2,10,14,16,19,23,36
true,02/16/00 Wed,11,14,18,25,28,34,44
true,01/08/00 Sat,6,13,16,27,30,34,35
true,01/05/00 Wed,3,12,19,22,35,40,47
true,01/01/00 Sat,2,4,34,36,41,43,45
true,12/25/99 Sat,2,8,28,42,45,47,49
true,11/27/99 Sat,1,8,11,14,34,41,42
true,11/24/99 Wed,1,16,19,22,29,35,48
true,11/06/99 Sat,11,15,16,22,33,34,43
true,10/30/99 Sat,18,20,21,27,34,39,43
true,10/27/99 Wed,2,3,5,22,32,33,34
true,09/04/99 Sat,2,12,28,40,42,45,47
true,08/28/99 Sat,4,17,26,36,39,44,47
true,08/25/99 Wed,4,15,19,27,28,32,36
true,08/11/99 Wed,19,27,33,41,42,43,46
true,07/17/99 Sat,8,13,14,39,41,42,49
true,07/07/99 Wed,12,16,20,24,26,43,44
true,06/19/99 Sat,10,21,29,31,32,38,47
true,06/09/99 Wed,4,9,12,22,26,29,32
true,06/05/99 Sat,10,13,23,24,37,46,47
true,05/26/99 Wed,13,14,16,31,34,36,44
true,05/12/99 Wed,2,5,18,24,29,35,37
true,04/28/99 Wed,11,14,16,17,19,26,35
true,04/10/99 Sat,4,16,23,33,34,36,47
true,04/07/99 Wed,2,20,25,38,42,45,48
true,03/31/99 Wed,3,12,14,18,28,31,36
true,03/27/99 Sat,13,15,21,32,34,36,38
true,03/24/99 Wed,10,22,26,32,38,45,46
true,03/03/99 Wed,2,3,5,10,26,27,35
true,01/20/99 Wed,1,10,16,20,38,44,45
true,01/06/99 Wed,6,11,24,30,36,37,48
true,12/26/98 Sat,2,8,10,14,18,23,44
true,12/19/98 Sat,6,12,14,17,26,38,44
true,12/12/98 Sat,10,11,20,29,39,43,45
true,12/09/98 Wed,17,18,19,25,36,41,42
true,11/21/98 Sat,2,5,9,21,24,35,46
true,11/14/98 Sat,4,21,23,25,31,43,45
true,11/04/98 Wed,15,20,21,22,26,31,35
true,10/21/98 Wed,4,8,15,26,30,41,45
true,10/10/98 Sat,3,8,21,23,33,37,49
true,09/30/98 Wed,10,15,22,25,32,34,37
true,09/19/98 Sat,13,15,26,32,33,34,36
true,09/16/98 Wed,3,8,21,23,29,30,37
true,08/22/98 Sat,12,14,17,21,23,38,44
true,08/19/98 Wed,1,4,8,9,24,47,48
true,08/05/98 Wed,1,4,14,17,27,31,44
true,07/29/98 Wed,1,4,14,21,22,29,31
true,07/11/98 Sat,10,13,27,28,31,47,49
true,06/27/98 Sat,5,6,20,26,40,42,46
true,06/17/98 Wed,5,6,15,23,30,34,43
true,06/13/98 Sat,12,16,20,27,41,43,44
true,06/06/98 Sat,5,6,31,33,43,44,49
true,06/03/98 Wed,2,4,27,32,35,41,47
true,05/06/98 Wed,7,13,17,24,32,34,43
true,04/29/98 Wed,3,17,28,30,35,47,48
true,04/11/98 Sat,8,12,29,34,37,39,47
true,04/01/98 Wed,5,20,28,29,42,45,49
true,03/21/98 Sat,8,12,15,20,23,38,45
true,02/28/98 Sat,7,18,20,22,23,44,49
true,02/25/98 Wed,21,22,26,29,31,36,39
true,02/11/98 Wed,2,5,13,19,32,38,47
true,02/07/98 Sat,7,11,18,20,21,32,40
true,01/24/98 Sat,5,7,9,14,21,25,42
true,01/17/98 Sat,5,14,18,23,28,34,47
true,01/14/98 Wed,8,9,18,20,22,39,40
true,12/10/97 Wed,3,17,19,29,37,41,42
true,11/26/97 Wed,5,7,10,12,15,23,47
true,11/22/97 Sat,8,10,15,25,31,33,35
true,10/22/97 Wed,5,11,14,17,19,27,29
true,10/18/97 Sat,10,13,16,21,26,35,38
true,10/15/97 Wed,17,23,24,25,39,45,49
true,10/08/97 Wed,2,3,11,15,25,34,47
true,10/01/97 Wed,1,3,12,16,29,31,46
true,09/06/97 Sat,13,23,24,27,39,41,49
true,08/27/97 Wed,12,13,16,34,42,44,49
true,08/02/97 Sat,1,7,14,16,24,32,41
true,07/26/97 Sat,12,14,19,22,24,35,47
true,07/12/97 Sat,12,16,20,23,36,38,47
true,06/28/97 Sat,3,8,10,19,27,32,33
true,06/14/97 Sat,7,16,18,25,32,33,40
true,06/07/97 Sat,1,4,5,10,22,27,42
true,05/17/97 Sat,9,11,21,25,27,28,37
true,05/03/97 Sat,2,8,13,16,31,34,36
true,04/23/97 Wed,22,28,36,42,43,46,49
true,04/02/97 Wed,1,3,12,14,17,38,46
true,03/26/97 Wed,4,20,27,32,38,40,45
true,03/22/97 Sat,4,15,20,27,40,41,45
true,03/05/97 Wed,3,5,20,22,30,44,45
true,03/01/97 Sat,11,24,28,39,40,46,47
true,02/22/97 Sat,1,3,4,7,13,39,46
true,02/15/97 Sat,6,9,16,27,38,46,48
true,02/12/97 Wed,8,13,21,25,30,43,45
true,02/05/97 Wed,3,4,5,7,8,16,39
true,01/25/97 Sat,6,27,30,31,34,35,47
true,01/18/97 Sat,8,10,18,31,39,41,48
true,12/21/96 Sat,5,9,12,23,33,41,47
true,12/18/96 Wed,7,8,12,18,19,23,36
true,12/11/96 Wed,1,3,6,11,18,27,47
true,12/07/96 Sat,2,4,6,27,35,41,42
true,12/04/96 Wed,9,17,18,29,32,41,42
true,11/20/96 Wed,4,8,23,26,30,45,46
true,10/26/96 Sat,1,8,9,10,14,37,45
true,09/25/96 Wed,7,10,21,32,33,38,42
true,09/18/96 Wed,6,13,26,30,38,43,46
true,08/31/96 Sat,1,5,8,14,25,38,45
true,08/10/96 Sat,4,14,15,19,23,38,49
true,08/03/96 Sat,5,12,22,31,33,39,49
true,07/20/96 Sat,3,5,8,24,37,38,46
true,07/13/96 Sat,1,2,10,24,29,30,39
true,07/06/96 Sat,7,13,21,22,30,33,38
true,06/22/96 Sat,3,20,28,36,37,43,47
true,06/15/96 Sat,5,7,20,23,27,38,41
true,05/25/96 Sat,11,12,20,21,32,39,45
true,05/11/96 Sat,3,13,18,21,31,38,44
true,05/04/96 Sat,27,34,38,39,43,44,49
true,04/13/96 Sat,3,15,21,30,34,37,47
true,04/03/96 Wed,20,23,30,35,44,46,48
true,03/27/96 Wed,17,20,21,30,39,41,47
true,02/24/96 Sat,8,13,18,24,28,32,41
true,02/21/96 Wed,5,8,34,38,43,46,47
true,02/14/96 Wed,9,12,13,20,30,34,36
true,02/07/96 Wed,23,28,32,34,41,45,48
true,02/03/96 Sat,11,17,31,36,38,45,49
true,01/20/96 Sat,6,19,28,35,38,42,45
true,01/17/96 Wed,1,9,26,27,33,37,41
true,11/18/95 Sat,13,16,21,22,26,35,49
true,11/15/95 Wed,10,12,26,27,34,41,43
true,11/04/95 Sat,20,30,32,40,41,43,44
true,10/18/95 Wed,3,4,8,15,28,30,31
true,10/14/95 Sat,4,9,17,29,38,39,42
true,09/06/95 Wed,7,18,21,23,32,38,46
true,08/30/95 Wed,3,20,21,27,36,37,47
true,08/26/95 Sat,1,10,16,23,32,35,45
true,08/19/95 Sat,7,24,27,36,40,46,48
true,07/26/95 Wed,16,18,28,29,31,41,47
true,07/22/95 Sat,9,12,13,27,30,36,37
true,07/12/95 Wed,13,32,35,38,40,44,47
true,06/10/95 Sat,6,10,23,36,40,46,49
true,06/07/95 Wed,9,13,14,28,33,34,48
true,05/24/95 Wed,2,5,9,14,42,44,46
true,04/29/95 Sat,1,3,5,8,11,22,30
true,04/26/95 Wed,3,17,19,21,27,29,46
true,03/29/95 Wed,2,4,6,26,27,31,44
true,03/25/95 Sat,17,18,34,41,43,47,48
true,03/18/95 Sat,1,5,8,24,32,47,48
true,02/18/95 Sat,6,19,27,33,41,43,47
true,02/15/95 Wed,6,14,15,28,38,43,47
true,01/11/95 Wed,3,5,10,28,41,42,47
true,12/21/94 Wed,16,17,22,26,30,40,43
true,10/19/94 Wed,2,4,9,18,22,34,42
true,10/15/94 Sat,10,11,32,36,43,45,46
true,09/28/94 Wed,1,10,19,24,26,31,32
true,08/06/94 Sat,3,8,11,12,21,43,48
true,05/11/94 Wed,1,2,3,17,38,40,42
true,04/30/94 Sat,4,11,17,23,28,30,32
true,04/20/94 Wed,10,20,26,35,42,43,48
true,04/16/94 Sat,9,10,18,21,25,45,47
true,03/30/94 Wed,13,15,21,23,28,46,49
true,03/23/94 Wed,5,8,32,33,46,47,49
true,03/09/94 Wed,10,13,14,34,36,40,42
true,02/16/94 Wed,7,22,25,37,39,45,48
true,02/09/94 Wed,17,19,20,21,35,41,42
true,02/05/94 Sat,1,2,13,17,22,31,41
true,01/22/94 Sat,4,6,13,30,37,41,46
true,01/19/94 Wed,1,4,14,17,20,21,33
true,01/15/94 Sat,11,15,19,27,30,46,49
true,01/01/94 Sat,5,11,23,25,29,38,39
true,12/25/93 Sat,1,7,13,24,40,45,46
true,12/08/93 Wed,7,9,12,19,28,34,45
true,12/04/93 Sat,25,29,30,31,32,33,42
true,11/27/93 Sat,2,11,14,16,19,44,46
true,10/13/93 Wed,4,23,24,34,41,47,48
true,09/22/93 Wed,11,12,18,27,29,31,38
true,08/21/93 Sat,17,18,20,39,40,41,42
true,08/07/93 Sat,4,9,17,31,33,34,38
true,07/24/93 Sat,15,23,27,31,41,42,45
true,07/10/93 Sat,1,13,30,37,39,42,44
true,07/07/93 Wed,7,23,27,31,39,41,42
true,06/30/93 Wed,12,18,20,27,29,31,43
true,06/26/93 Sat,16,17,18,23,35,39,45
true,06/19/93 Sat,5,11,17,31,34,36,38
true,06/05/93 Sat,17,23,27,32,33,40,47
true,05/29/93 Sat,12,17,33,34,36,40,48
true,05/22/93 Sat,10,12,22,27,29,31,32
true,03/27/93 Sat,7,13,14,26,28,30,42
true,03/03/93 Wed,22,24,28,31,33,38,46
true,02/17/93 Wed,4,12,16,22,32,35,40
true,01/23/93 Sat,12,21,25,34,39,45,48
true,01/13/93 Wed,3,11,16,23,24,25,26
true,12/30/92 Wed,11,17,23,30,31,34,46
true,11/18/92 Wed,3,7,8,11,29,45,48
true,10/07/92 Wed,8,14,17,25,26,38,42
true,09/26/92 Sat,16,17,20,21,29,35,41
true,08/19/92 Wed,1,9,10,21,28,30,41
true,08/15/92 Sat,16,21,24,25,26,38,47
true,07/18/92 Sat,7,8,13,23,31,39,41
true,07/04/92 Sat,7,8,20,24,39,40,46
true,06/20/92 Sat,9,11,32,34,35,42,48
true,06/17/92 Wed,4,9,12,17,25,30,35
true,06/13/92 Sat,20,21,32,39,42,43,47
true,06/06/92 Sat,9,15,16,33,35,38,41
true,04/15/92 Wed,7,12,13,19,22,32,48
true,04/04/92 Sat,8,16,18,26,27,29,34
true,02/26/92 Wed,4,16,18,27,28,29,31
true,01/18/92 Sat,8,17,25,26,42,45,46
true,01/08/92 Wed,7,16,20,24,28,32,41
true,12/28/91 Sat,22,32,35,39,44,46,48
true,11/09/91 Sat,7,13,17,18,19,23,39
true,10/02/91 Wed,31,33,36,40,43,48,49
true,09/21/91 Sat,1,2,7,9,21,27,42
true,09/04/91 Wed,1,5,6,13,15,20,22
true,08/28/91 Wed,23,27,33,35,46,47,49
true,08/14/91 Wed,18,23,25,28,30,32,49
true,08/07/91 Wed,2,7,11,15,19,42,49
true,06/19/91 Wed,4,8,30,39,40,45,46
true,06/05/91 Wed,11,18,26,33,34,47,49
true,05/25/91 Sat,2,23,28,32,33,44,47
true,05/22/91 Wed,16,17,26,30,33,43,49
true,05/18/91 Sat,3,16,18,20,26,37,38
true,05/15/91 Wed,5,10,27,29,35,36,45
true,05/08/91 Wed,9,16,25,30,38,46,48
true,03/09/91 Sat,8,13,16,22,34,43,45
true,02/09/91 Sat,9,11,21,28,29,37,38
true,01/16/91 Wed,12,17,33,34,37,41,47
true,12/19/90 Wed,14,20,27,34,39,42,47
true,10/20/90 Sat,6,14,15,19,26,28,49
true,10/13/90 Sat,1,6,8,17,30,32,44
true,09/01/90 Sat,4,10,17,20,24,39,49
true,07/21/90 Sat,9,12,27,28,36,37,46
true,05/05/90 Sat,2,3,7,21,22,38,48
true,03/14/90 Wed,2,11,30,34,38,44,49
true,02/21/90 Wed,13,16,18,21,26,35,46
true,01/20/90 Sat,8,15,24,36,41,42,46
true,01/13/90 Sat,2,12,18,22,33,35,44
true,11/18/89 Sat,17,20,24,34,39,41,49
true,09/30/89 Sat,5,20,26,39,43,45,46
true,08/26/89 Sat,4,12,14,32,33,44,45
true,08/19/89 Sat,6,7,18,27,32,34,39
true,07/12/89 Wed,1,8,15,25,31,41,47
true,05/31/89 Wed,1,12,34,42,44,45,49
true,04/29/89 Sat,2,18,20,23,25,27,46
true,04/26/89 Wed,4,11,16,19,23,34,41
true,04/12/89 Wed,10,21,28,30,37,40,44
true,03/01/89 Wed,11,18,23,33,46,47,49
true,02/11/89 Sat,6,9,11,17,20,27,43
true,01/21/89 Sat,10,25,29,31,39,43,49
true,12/31/88 Sat,3,16,25,28,29,35,47
true,12/24/88 Sat,7,23,31,34,45,47,48
true,12/10/88 Sat,8,16,22,31,32,39,43
true,11/16/88 Wed,1,18,19,31,41,45,49
true,10/22/88 Sat,2,3,8,24,28,32,48
true,10/19/88 Wed,8,12,16,20,21,44,49
true,10/15/88 Sat,2,13,27,29,35,38,44
true,10/05/88 Wed,3,12,14,23,29,31,33
true,09/07/88 Wed,2,5,13,23,35,45,48
true,08/13/88 Sat,11,24,35,40,45,46,48
true,05/07/88 Sat,1,14,27,30,37,39,42
true,04/27/88 Wed,1,17,33,38,39,46,49
true,01/09/88 Sat,16,17,23,28,32,34,45
true,11/07/87 Sat,6,16,19,26,30,32,43
true,10/03/87 Sat,14,18,23,25,28,30,36
true,04/29/87 Wed,5,7,10,20,27,37,38
true,04/08/87 Wed,14,16,18,29,31,33,35
true,02/25/87 Wed,2,5,23,24,25,36,46
true,12/20/86 Sat,7,14,16,34,46,48,49
true,11/12/86 Wed,1,17,26,30,33,36,43
true,11/01/86 Sat,19,22,24,33,36,38,41
true,10/15/86 Wed,10,21,23,24,25,39,49
true,10/04/86 Sat,8,14,16,21,24,26,38
true,09/24/86 Wed,2,12,38,40,42,45,48
true,09/03/86 Wed,20,27,34,41,44,47,49
true,08/20/86 Wed,6,7,9,21,38,43,45
true,09/07/85 Sat,23,30,32,35,40,43,44
true,11/24/84 Sat,5,17,30,34,36,43,49
true,03/10/84 Sat,2,17,29,41,42,44,47
true,01/15/83 Sat,8,18,34,37,39,41,47

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    Posted: April 9, 2009, 12:04 pm - IP Logged

    My next question to you is this, will your program create 7-digit strings or every how many digit strings for a 5/36 game? If so would you please create those.

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      Posted: April 9, 2009, 1:18 pm - IP Logged

      Okay, can you do 6/49 then please

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        Posted: April 9, 2009, 1:26 pm - IP Logged


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          Posted: April 9, 2009, 2:26 pm - IP Logged

          The point of this exercise is, I mentioned that those sets are developed based on 4 different loops so if you divide the 25000 set to four equal sections (columns) and then monitor your hits in all four and then note the string number, I want to see if there will be exchange of information between the columns, example

          36,29 08 07 01 20 36 03 ,6278,1, 6279 = 41,13 41 40 34 04 20 36 ,12557,2, 12558
          49,24 49 26 33 21 16 36 ,6279,2, 6280 = 49,08 33 10 17 05 49 20 ,12558,3, 12559


          49 and 33 are both at the end of the first section and the second section, therefore the columns do share the same numbers or information

          If this works then we can start thinking to generate strings for other games like 6/53!

          In the meantime, last time I was trying to generate the sets of 25000 for 753 game I accidentally over-write the new data on my old data so any idea how I can recover my old data?



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            Posted: April 9, 2009, 4:37 pm - IP Logged

            The point of this exercise is, I mentioned that those sets are developed based on 4 different loops so if you divide the 25000 set to four equal sections (columns) and then monitor your hits in all four and then note the string number, I want to see if there will be exchange of information between the columns, example

            36,29 08 07 01 20 36 03 ,6278,1, 6279 = 41,13 41 40 34 04 20 36 ,12557,2, 12558
            49,24 49 26 33 21 16 36 ,6279,2, 6280 = 49,08 33 10 17 05 49 20 ,12558,3, 12559


            49 and 33 are both at the end of the first section and the second section, therefore the columns do share the same numbers or information

            If this works then we can start thinking to generate strings for other games like 6/53!

            In the meantime, last time I was trying to generate the sets of 25000 for 753 game I accidentally over-write the new data on my old data so any idea how I can recover my old data?



            No idea at all. I'm trying to figure out a way to run the 25,000 strings as a 6/49. Because in order to do that, I will have to create 6-digit strings out of each string, which then would be 7 x 25,000=175,000 combinations.

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              Dear Moses,


              I ask you about that is system combine numbers.

              For example:

              1 - 9 convert to 1 - 49 or 52.

              That is can be make convert original 1 - 49 or 52 for good lucky draw.

              How can compare best like as your Digital End?


              Regards, Tommy Yow.

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                Experiments with 25115 sets of sequences


                If you believe that the lottery is indeed random then the obvious choice for you is to generate all 14 million sets of combinations (86 million if taking the bonus ball in to consideration) and put them in one rather large bag then start taking one string out from the bag for each draw then you can say you’re standing chance of one in 14 million to win!

                And if you believe the lottery is fixed and various information can help to win then there is one option to generate so many sets of sequences or string like the 25000 set and keep monitoring and comparing them to lottery results so that we deal with much smaller quantity than 14 million combinations and start using all our information gathered from it to win! ..So, this is what I did, I have divided the sets in to four groups for better observation. The reason for the grouping was because those sets are created from 4 different loops; below


                Group A from 01 to 6280

                Group B from 6281 to 12556

                Group C from 12557 to 188332

                Group D from 188333 to 25115


                In order to keep the observations balanced (loop for loop) I copied each group in to one column of spreadsheet. Now, the linked numbers can be viewed in horizontal direction within all 4 groups if there is any!


                I started my search for UK lotto last Wed draw and looked for match 4s for this draw

                08/04/2009, 08,10,21,23,25,48,03            Wed

                I found 47 match 4s for this draw inside the 25000 set (no match 5s,6s,7s found) then I highlighted all the matches that I found in the relevant group. I only need these 47 matches as reference point and I do NOT need the rest of the 25000 sets, I’ll give you the Group A as an example


                Group A 01 --- 6280


                0448/- 09 10 07 21 08 29 03

                0702/- 34 08 38 23 04 10 48

                0713/- 03 49 25 20 08 48 44

                1257/- 36 25 40 20 08 10 21

                1733/- 23 49 25 07 08 21 18

                2012/- 09 10 04 21 08 29 03

                2266/- 34 08 20 23 38 10 48

                2277/- 03 25 40 07 08 48 44

                3297/- 23 25 40 04 08 21 18

                3576/- 09 10 38 21 08 29 03

                3830/- 34 08 07 23 20 10 48

                5140/- 09 10 20 21 08 29 03

                5394/- 34 08 04 23 07 10 48


                The immediate observation is the distinctive pattern which is created between the combinations, now I know what to expect to see in every so many rotations or combinations, there are identical numbers in identical position will be  repeated!

                I will keep all these 47 matches and will compare to new draw on Sat!


                Sat draw 11/04/2009, 30,32,24,06,11,45,03


                I could find 119 match 4s and three match 5s for Sat draw! All match 5s are in Group A (01 – 6280)

                2555/- 12 24 11 30 03 06 34

                4119/- 24 49 11 30 03 06 34

                5275/- 12 24 11 30 44 06 03


                Believe it or not the number 49 and 34 that did not match in above are drawn in other lotteries The Super Draw and the Thunder Ball games

                10/04/2009, 04 28 38 40 42 49 25 ----- (Super Draw)

                11/04/2009, 05 07 14 30 34 14 -----------(Thunder Ball)


                But what caught my eye was these four match 4s

                0715/- 12 24 45 16 03 11 34 (+2)

                2279/- 24 49 45 16 03 11 34 (+2)

                The above two particular draws are the successors to previous draws +2 (0713, 2277) and these below two are adjacent to Wed draw but -1

                3575/- 12 24 11 30 23 06 22 (-1)

                5139/- 24 49 11 30 23 06 22 (-1)


                There are so many similar exact jumps from Wed draw to Sat draw which can be found and monitored separately!

                These 25000 sets of combinations are not even handful from the 86 millions of combinations but to have consecutive successors amongst 25000 sets then it is well worth keep closer eyes on these sets!

                What I would like to do is to carry out the same exercise to other lottery such as Thunder ball and Euro and Daily draw to find the successors for them!

                One of the reasons that we have so many lotteries are to break the simple patterns creates in natural results exactly the same as I have demonstrated by 25000 sets and that is why there are so many repeated numbers are drawn in different games like these UK results!


                20/03/2009, 01,14,15,22,33,46,11            M055 Supper draw

                20/03/2009, 12,16,23,31,35,04,06            0267 Euro

                21/03/2009, 31,36,32,33,38,01,08            1382 Lotto

                21/03/2009, 06,10,16,25,26,02                0846 Thunder

                21/03/2009, 07,08,09,10,19,22,27            1717 Daily


                I have to work more as I am sure there is lots more to find!



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                  This can only get better, look what I found after some search

                  UK latest Sat draw

                  11/04/2009, 30,32,24,06,11,45,03 --- Lotto

                  11/04/2009, 30,14,17,34,04,14 ------- Thunder

                  11/04/2009, 18,17,05,26,23,07,10 --- Daily


                  3576/- was one of the match 4s that I found for lastWed draw

                  3575/- was one of the match 4s for Sat draw

                  3574/- was one of the match 4s for Sat Daily draw 18 42 07 10 20 22 17, and number 42 is drawn in Super Draw 10/04/2009, 04,28,38,40,42,49,25

                  Now that's what I call Clever Lottery System

                  49 of the Super draw is provided from one string and 42 from another!!


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                    Hello to all, just giving you an update on the UK latest results!

                    As I highlighted below there is yet another consecutive successor to the previous draw which is selected from 25000 sets!

                    I managed to get 4 numbers (three main ball and BB) correct! I followed the same pattern and selected 68 sets of strings from 25000 and filtered them to 8 lines (I used ball positions for filtering) and won £10!

                    The string 428 was one of my prediction which three numbers of this string arrived in lotto and the other three in other draws (04 Daily, 15,11 in Thunder ball)!

                    05 23 04 15 11 35 31 ---0428  


                    08/04/2009, 08,10,21,23,25,48,03  Wed

                    ------- 1257/- 36 25 40 20 08 10 21

                    ------- 0713/- 03 49 25 20 08 48 44

                    ------- 3576/- 09 10 38 21 08 29 03


                    11/04/2009, 30,32,24,06,11,45,03  Sat

                    -- 3575/-   12 24 11 30 23 06 22 (-1)

                    - ---- 0715/- 12 24 45 16 03 11 34


                    15/04/2009, 31,23,05,09,39,18,37  Wed

                    ---  -- 1256/- 05 23 38 15 39 35 31


                    Please look at the ball positions from the actual lotto result and the string 1256!

                    23 and 39 in exact positions and 31 in opposite site, 23 05 are linked in both

                    This can only get better!







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                      Hello to all

                      UK lotto results

                      18/04/2009,33,24,35,49,13,42,37 --- Lotto
                      18/04/2009,27,15,01,18,09,11 ------ Thunder Ball
                      18/04/2009,24,19,21,14,02,23,12 --- Daily

                      This is the forth time that UK lotto draw had proved the links to previous draws!
                      Last Wed draw took match 4 to 3448 string and Sat draw to 3449!

                      11/04/2009,30,32,24,06,11,45,03 --- Lotto week ago
                      Took match 4 to string 4018 and past Sat took match 4 to 4019!

                      One other thing that I found very interesting was the gaps or the pattern between the match 4s found in 25000 set! Example
                      Match 4s found for the last Sat draw on 25000 set on loop 1 (01 to 6280);

                      String -- gaps
                      39 -----
                      175 ---- 136
                      255 ---- 80
                      379 ---- 124
                      439 ---- 60
                      515 ---- 76
                      583 ---- 68
                      715 ---- 132
                      719 ---- 4
                      855 ---- 136
                      859 ---- 4
                      991 ---- 132
                      1059 --- 68
                      1195 --- 136
                      1399 --- 204
                      1535 --- 136
                      1595 --- 60

                      Every lottery creates similar but unique pattern inside the 25000 set, Wed draws pattern are different from Sat draws!
                      By increasing the quantity of the string numbers for one draw the outcome will be the result for the new draw!
                      If I was increasing the strings for match 4s for last Sat (11/04/2009) by 70 I would have been creating match 4s for Sat the 18/04/2009!

                      More work to do!


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                        Do you have a table for 35 numbers, a 5 pick??


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                          Posted: April 22, 2009, 10:42 am - IP Logged

                          Hi turtle0747

                          No, I'll see what I can do but I need a location to upload it!

                          I have created file for 45 numbers if anybody interested.


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                            Posted: April 22, 2009, 10:44 am - IP Logged

                            Thanks. Can you copy it to here like the other tables you did? I use your other tables for Powerball and have been tracking them. Come up with a line of 5 quite often and 4 or more lines with 4 numbers.

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                              Hi turtle0747

                              No, I'll see what I can do but I need a location to upload it!

                              I have created file for 45 numbers if anybody interested.


                              Hi Moses,


                              I hope your well.


                              I'm interested in your file for 45 numbers.


                              Not sure how you can send it to me though.


                              Keep up the good work as it adds much to this forum.


                              Best Regards


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