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Do you believe the lottery is 100% honest in everything it does?

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Posted: August 4, 2009, 8:57 pm - IP Logged

People are the same everywhere more or less, kind of.

"Almost" no matter who they work for and what they do, of course not exactly, but in general.

People are people, some of those who handle, money and or lottery tickets will steal, also those who handle merchandise and or process material and or money transactions.

About the lottery draws, lower ranking employees are not so much the ones that we should worry about as they do what they are told most of the time

those who have control of the lotteries those are the ones that we can worry about if they do dishonest things, they also might just be doing as they are told, those at the very very top are the ones to be blamed for any dishonesty if there is any, all others just do as they are told, most people don't have to be dishonest just those at the very top, all the others are just trying to keep their jobs, that is if there is any dishonesty.

That does not apply to store owners and clerks who steal, nobody tells them to steal, they do it on their very own.

You can protect yourself from the clerks some, but not from the lotteries.

You gamble at your own risk.

The lotteries want a few people to win by random chance.

They don't want a lot of people nor a few people winning by systems or methods.


Are any or all lotteries dishonest in some illegal way?, Maybe nobody will ever be able to prove in court that they are.

There might always be a question, but never proof, some few people might always feel that they have enough proof for themselves.

Don't much worry about it, just don't play money that you can't afford to lose.

Pay your bills first and I don't mean your gambling bills.

Good Luck!

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