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If Your State Had Both Powerball and Mega Millions

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If your state had both Powerball and Mega Millions would you spend more than usual or the same?

I would spend more because of the added game [ 17 ]  [45.95%]
The same by splitting the bet or choosing one game [ 20 ]  [54.05%]
Total Valid Votes [ 37 ]  
Discarded Votes [ 3 ]  
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Posted: October 16, 2009, 3:00 pm - IP Logged

As the games are set up now, states only get revenues generated by tickets sales in their states.  States contribute a third of their tickets sales to both the MegaMillions and PowerBall jackpots and pay all other prizes out of money earned locally in their state.  The only thing the states share in a multi-state game is the cost of the jackpot and if no one in their state wins it, they are shipping a third of their ticket sales to the states that have the winners.

 * you don't need to buy more tickets, just buy a winning ticket * 
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