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You just hit the Jackpot - 200+ Millions - now what??

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February 20, 2009
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Posted: November 7, 2009, 4:43 pm - IP Logged

how many have thought about this?  sure some of us have spreadsheets already Big Smile outlining how many people in our family get x amount of dollars, how much goes to charity (quite a bit on my part) and how much goes into trust etc.

do you wait a few months, let the hype cool down?

do you claim anonymous?  do you open a trust, hire a lawyer to claim for you?

whats your first purchase?


me personally....

i let the hype die down a few weeks at least.  put the ticket in safe deposit box.

i talk to about 5 different lawyers / financial planners - find out the tax implications.

start setting up accounts at different banks (fdic) not to mention look into offshore accounts (not for tax purposes but for interest purposes.  i want to live off of interest not my winnings.  by the time uncle sam gets my 50 million (which im sure will go nowhere towards the nations debt) i want my 60/70 millions working for me.

i do pay off my house, and all bills.  most of my familys after claiming that i won a million at the casino (anonimity is a must).

i have no plans to go super crazy with money - perhaps 50-100k on a nice trip, and a new car (nothing fancy like a ferrari - no use with kids).  SUV of some sort, infinity perhaps.

perhaps look into a new house - nothing too big.

really, i just want to wake up in the morning and do whatever i want - whenever i want.  i want my children to go to a good college, and make the best of their life.  sure they will have trust accounts - but they will come with stipulations that must be met - and no way they are getting their money at a young age.  they must have their degrees, they must have decent jobs - i do not want trust fund babies spoiled rotten.  they need to know the daily grind - it only will make them stronger.

(have some friends that received large sums when they turned 18 - one gone in a year, the other gone in 18 months.  this was money they could have lived on the rest of their lives - makes me sick (7 figures sick).

anyway im rambling, would love to hear others plans!


good luck!

My dream is to buy my own home---pay off all my debts, travel around the world on a cruise, since I never been on one, either to Hawaii or Tahiti

and help my immediate family, who really needs it and deserves it and of course donate 10% to my church.Banana