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Help: Dontknow how legal this is: Good Source of Second Income: How to make $1,500 to $2,000 a month

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Posted: December 29, 2009, 2:56 pm - IP Logged

People i'll like to apologize if this is not legal...I dont know how legal this is can you all please enlighten me on the subject...I heard that selling lottery ticket is illegal in the USA but buying lottery tickets for other people is not...This is what i thought...

Powerball/MegaMillions play twice a week or 96 draws out of the year...There is "A LOT OF PEOPLE" around the world who will pay to have someone buys them Powerball tickets...They got one here in Panama and Latin America but is charging an arm and a leg they are charging "SO MUCH" that i really dont know who they think they are...Like to play for 4 month worth of playing every drawing they are charging like $200 dollars dude totally outrageous...And yet there are many of you without a job...I was thinking if you play 1 ticket once a week all year long it will be: 48 dollars...So i was thinking what if you stressed to some people abroad that you will buy them 1 ticket, once a week any Powerball combination of their liking, all year long and they give you the $48 dollars + $5 a month for the service...It all comes down to $ 108 dollars for the year...And the people pick their numbers...

Now if you get yourself: 300 people from abroad which you will it will be: 300 x $5 a month = $1,500 a month and you make something on the side and all you got to do is play each ticket...And it gets better, you sign an agreement with them telling them that because this service is so cheap that if they win you get: 10%....And you make some nice: $1,500 a month on the side...Of course you will have to go through all the legalities of it...But who says you can't do it...

The website i am telling you about that is charging an arm and a leg here in Panama, they claim that if you win you can go yourself and claim the prize they even come on TV...So if is possible why can't you do it yourself...

Can anybody fill me up on this and let me know if this is right/legal and if so let me know what you all think about the idea....Can someone tell me if this is legal...

Two things spring to mind: FTC and CO-MINGLING money.

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