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How To Make "Pick 4 Money" Playing Pick 3

Topic closed. 18 replies. Last post 7 years ago by Mink404Ski.

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February 19, 2009
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Posted: July 12, 2010, 6:24 am - IP Logged

I mess with numbers a little..maybe today midday

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    June 11, 2004
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    Posted: July 12, 2010, 11:26 am - IP Logged

    aye aanewyork, I've bee using the wheeling system and I not having the results that ya have. I lose. show me some ways to win in cleveland ohio lottery?



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      October 3, 2004
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      Posted: July 12, 2010, 11:31 am - IP Logged

      Hi aanewyork:


      In your first posting of this thread you wrote:


      Today is July 11, 2010 and I see several signals that 987 will hit soon.


      Maybe you could share some of those signals with us.



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        Posted: July 12, 2010, 8:11 pm - IP Logged


        The 7 and 8 Day Strategy


        Today is Monday July 12, 2010.

        If you have been following my predictions for a while you will have noticed that my numbers show up in other states a lot.

        That 901 I have been predicting for a while DID show up today….in Florida.

        This happens at least once a week; a number in my hit list will not show up in NY but it will show up in another state.

        So if you play other states, play my numbers. You are bound to hit, maybe once or twice a week.

        Now back to the numbers.

        97X showed up, but not the 978 I was expecting.

        I am still solid on 978 and 987.

        I have put MORE money on these 2 numbers for the next few days: 081 and 910.

        Why did I put more money on 081 and 910?

        I have a 7 and 8 Day Strategy that I use (I will write an article about it one of these days) which basically states that the digits that came out 7 and 8 days ago will many times show up again TODAY.

        The 3 best recent examples are 302, 392, and 509.

        The 302 from July 10 came from the 430 and 592 from 8 days ago (July 2).

        The 30 came from 430 and the 2 came from the 592.

        The 3 from 392 came from the 3 from 430 and the 92 from 592.

        I was pretty sure 509 would show up on July 9 because I saw that 592 and 430 won a week before on July 7.

        Today is July 12 so to see what numbers we should play today we would look back 7 days ago: July 5. Then we would look back 8 days ago: July 4.

        The numbers that came out on July 5 were 080 and 350.

        Ummmm….that 080 sure looks a lot like 081, right?

        Guess what…that’s a signal for you to play 081.

        Now, this can also mean that 800, 580, 588 or 855 can show up today....so you can play these as well.

        You have to use your judgment here because you can end up playing MANY numbers and NONE of them may hit!

        This 7 and 8 day strategy is just a guide; it does NOT always work; it is just a guide to help you narrow down your choices.

        Now, let’s look at the results from 8 days ago (July 4): 819 and 550.

        Let me give you a useful tool: line them up one on top of the other:








        Kind of looks like 190 to me.

        This is a signal to PLAY 190.

        There are other numbers here (855 and 885 look good to me ) but I am paying more attention to 190 since its ALREADY DUE to show up in NY.

        I am feeling generous right now so I will teach you something else:


        ADVANCED Strategy:

        Look ahead to predict future numbers.


        Look at July 7, which is where we would be looking at on July 14 (going back 7 days).

        The numbers that came out on July 7 were 809 and 975.








        What does this tell me?

        For one thing, it tells me that I should bet heavily on 978 if it has not come out yet around July 14.

        (Should I be teaching this stuff?)

        And if a number you see 7 or 8 days ago is due to come out or comes up on your personal workout, it just ads more validation to that number, so definitely play it.

        Use this powerful strategy to determine what numbers you should play in the near future.


                   You were on it!  The 580 combo popped UGHHHHHH  I was betting a BIT on the 978 and 987 with that 778 at midday it just might hit midday tomorrow ....we shall see. Nice call on that hope you make some of Gov Paterson's relection fund mOOla LOL!    Come on  987 !!!   Double Double  5588 NY eve another exotic number hits right after a triple digit 4 way a few days ago, could a quad be in the future ????   


        "Bet with your head..... not over it!"