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Just Realized Something: The Lottery can be made into a: Wave like Radiowave or Earthquake Reading

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August 29, 2005
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Posted: September 14, 2010, 8:03 pm - IP Logged

have you seen in movies how they show the voice of someone been analyzed or the richterscale wave of earthquakes, well more like it, the lottery can be made into those things or look similar to those things...

Got this from a movie...Remember the public phones.. have you look at the earset and voice set of the public phones when you are holding it in your face...Remember those tiny holes that go in circles, well they go in circles...

if EACH of those tiny hole was a number and it was going clock wise and at the end of a lap it chage level to the next ontop lap of tiny circles..A lottery combination will go around the lap except that it will zigzag...The unit circle in trigonometry does an entire lap and continues doing the lap...Remember the unit circle makes the sine and cosine wave

if you went around the lap but every 3 step you made forward, 1 you made backwards before completing a: frequency of the wave you will turn abruptly and go down the same way you will turn abruptly when you are going down and turn up....It will be like a richterscale readings or voice recording readings if you call those waves...That´s what the lottery will make...And you can form an algorithm too, not the wave part but the phone with tiny holes unit circle scenerio/case...

What this is saying??? That you could write an equation to win the lottery using, Trigonometry...not algebra or calculus...you might find it in algebra but i dont think in calculus...This is more for like more complex games like Keno...and $1 Billion dollar Lottos...

who knows you might be able to apply it to, games like chess, checkers, monopolys, ect...

not trying to brag or anything but if you seen this link and others posts:


you will know you dont need the trigonometric formula for Powerball, only for keno...I mentioned it more for MYSTICISM purposes in mind...for example, if a lottery combination resembles an earthquake reading, maybe what plays in the lottery affects earthquakes who knows you seen to live in a magical world just look at the atom...or i was thinking, if it looks like a voice reading, who knows someone´s voice of someone not yet born could trigger earthquakes or a particular sound...Or who knows what...

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