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Considering the possibility of winning a major jackpot, do you think the rich should pay more taxes?

Topic closed. 47 replies. Last post 7 years ago by ttech10.

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Would you gladly pay more taxes because you think it's the right thing to do after you're rich?

Yes, the rich should pay more [ 11 ]  [29.73%]
No, the rich already pay enough [ 20 ]  [54.05%]
Other (explain) [ 6 ]  [16.22%]
Total Valid Votes [ 37 ]  
Discarded Votes [ 3 ]  
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Posted: October 5, 2010, 2:18 am - IP Logged

lol gratz lank


looks like some party emotes are in order


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    Posted: October 7, 2010, 3:36 am - IP Logged

    The writer of that book (David Cay Johnston) has to be taken with a grain of salt or two.

    He's an ex-New York Times writer (red flag) and he likes to brag about studying economics here and economics there but the truth of the matter is he doesn't have a degree in anything  (red flag).


    But his peccadillos and shortcomings notwithstanding, I'll ask you the same question Greg.

    What percentage of our taxes do you feel the rich should be paying?

    Exactly how much more of their money should be taken away from them?

    The Question should be followed by what constitutes rich.

    David Cay Johnston is an admitted layman. What I find red flag is, (all peccadillos (SP) and shortcomings aside), is the focus moves off the topic he presents and is lost in a highbrow whipping. How dare he admit he only took classes in something he had a passion for without proper approval. How dare he as a layman write a book on a topic he has no sheepskin for. The rich did write the laws. If you knew anything about history, that one fact has a big one ( a big history).

    You gotta be a complete banker’s shill to discount the fact that the rich are married to the media and the rich have brilliantly and covertly influenced our laws. Wealth and power have always entertained a few who desire ultimate control. It’s a global world now in economics.

    The message on D.C.J. is “only the properly educated” can have an understanding on economics. I hear you Ridge on people claiming false valedictorian. Yale would be in fits.

    If the media is married to the rich, what do we make of their expert reports? The rich will get richer, but not all of them (that is the game plan). The idea that the rich are overtaxed does not make me want to shed one tear or scream “Injustice!”. The uber-rich want us to think they are taking it up the arse while they give us the shaft. The big fish eat the little ones and wealth is eliminated one demographic at a time. Notice that trend yet?

    Is true capitalism  a healthy model for social economics in its ultimate evolution? Only if you're the king!

    Tax fairness is an idealistic dream as bad as thinking you will never be unhappy every day after you got happily married. Tax fairness is what we are asked to be emotionally involved in, by the media. It is a diversion of focus and involvement that keeps your eye on the illusion. You never catch-on to what they are up to as long as you go down the road they send you. Look here, not there. Tax fairness is a coddling fairytale for the masses. Go to sleep morons.

    How much ink do you think the media has devoted to the topic of who has been behind our tax and income laws? They spent more ink attacking a man who exposed the charade- all of it. There are people who consider the working stiff as slaves all the way through the corporate scheme. Ever guess what the biggest parent corporation is in the USA? It’s the government of USA!

    The only condolence is, is that the rich are eating their own. Little rich fishes taste yum, yum!

    {all sung by the Black Chicks because other Chicks don’t have the soul Black Chicks do}

    You’re a rich fish,… and it’s gone too far to let you go on your way,

    You can rely on the old man’s money,

    You can rely it’s gonna be my money,…

    I’m the big fish,.. and I won’t slow down no matter what happens today

    You can rely on my big teeth honey,

    You can rely I’ll have all the money.

    There’s a bigger fish,.. And I’ve gone as far as I’m  ever gonna make it in life

    You can rely I swam with the bigg’ns

    You can rely their gonna eat my liver.

    Ooh! I’m A fish turd! And I’m sleep’n with the neighbors who never knew I ate them before

    You can rely on the economic food chain,

    You can rely it’s gonna mess with your brain.


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      June 5, 2010
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      Posted: October 7, 2010, 4:24 am - IP Logged

      If I won the money, no I wouldn't mind paying higher taxes. After all, it was money that was pretty much handed to me from a game I play.

      If I earned the money, then no I wouldn't want to be taxed higher because I'm more successful than somebody else.


      In either situation I don't think it's right to have a death tax.