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The biggest lottery secret exposed now for free!

Topic closed. 16 replies. Last post 6 years ago by Divine Guidance.

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January 23, 2008
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Posted: October 15, 2010, 10:18 pm - IP Logged

I think different, the conclusion may be opositive therfore no one must not know this is real through us.Imagin if the Goovernment draw conclusions that its real and effective, don't you think its convenient for them to say its not real.

I do believe people have the gift of remote viewing (naturally) and second sight, etc. These things can be developed. I just don't think that you really possess that ability . Just my opinion.

Play to win!

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    December 2, 2008
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    Posted: November 7, 2010, 2:03 pm - IP Logged

    I have written about remote viewing in the past,THere are three things you nnd to manifest your winnings,1. confidence, know the balance of randomness in numbers,this is very important to know, its like reading once you know how to read you can read what you want throgh remote viewing, but since the numbers are not drawn and you have to know them you have to see into balancing numbers accoring to the numbers being played. The only thing that eefects which numbers to come out is the numbers being played ever since the lotto started in your state, yes since day one,don't forget to include the numbers being played for each draw, if you don't know what numbers are being played in that draw, their is only one way to know according to what i call number balancing techniques, and they have to come out of your self,even if yoy use a system you played a major role in hitting.Don't consider remote viewing the only way to win, but consider it the only way to know directly without luck. Remote viewers have to know how to connect everything togther.Remote viewers are not supposed to be rich vecause they can remote view. For example you know that you can do more to become anything in the world are you doing it, are you doing everything possible to become everything you think about, no you can only become something and not everything. Remember it takes time it is a development,a journey.Once you have your minset in this mannr trust me you would experience many great things and not just the lotto, the lotto is just one of many great things that can happen to you, if you don't win playing , you didn't loose you didn't know the numbers and if you continue not to know the n umbers that ar going to be drawn most likely you will be broke and go into a gabling habbit.Make it fun, make it challenging to th mind, don't get greedy and spend a lot to win a lot you spend a lot when you know for sure you are going to win if not take chances once in a while, that sucks thats is why i encourage you to remote view.By th way there are systems out there that can do what remote viewing does with numbers but with limitations,the mind is stronger than any machines, the mind is responsible for inventions.Even if you don't think you can, do not underestimate your ability.

    To everyone who wants to talk that $hit, we are all on here for a commom cause to win some money right now i dont have the time to get down with this proof ect....we are trying to help ea = other out here, if you dont like the thread KEEP IT MOVING, like i said before people dont let the haters, put you down or stop you from doing what your doing, this stuff urks me! GET A LIFE yall that do this you know wjo you are! no one is 100 percent this is gambling u win some u lose some, anyway if they see the no and it is igging you play the darn thang, one day you might be rich so many riches have been lost by not playing that hunch or whatever you choose to call it, i always post my entire dreams, because i figure if someone has a workout and sees that no they might capitalize on it, i win often not every day but enough to be confortable dont knock people for trying i got to go.............i dont care if anyone doesnt come to my thread but they do and the smart ones dont chase it they trap a no. many people have emailed me and said thanks for posting so it migjt not help you but could help another person.......Sun Smileypeace baby peace, we have the telephone, lights all tht cause someone dared to think OUTSIDE THE BOX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!