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David lee edwards television appearance.

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July 24, 2010
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Posted: March 10, 2011, 5:04 am - IP Logged

That episode was hilarious.  What's scary is that he lost his house for such a small amount.  I don't understand why he didn't just sell his crap and his house?  He would've been left with some money.


If I remember correctly, I googled him and he ended up living in a storage unit in FL somewhere.  The cops found him and his wife, living in their excrements, in a storage unit.

I think he was UNABLE to sell anything as he became a HOARDER and they had to come along and RIP the house away from him.  He was more concerned about the stuff - living with it in a storage unit rather then finding a place just to live.

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    Posted: March 10, 2011, 7:00 pm - IP Logged

    what sad is he didn't invest ,  people think millions will last them forever, we on this forum Should know it does Not......... if you spend like one, you better have yearly income of super rich person

    40+ cash huh?

    he could of just invested a just half hes jackpot of say 20m   in high divindend paying stock,  and got over 2m in dividend payments for the rest of hes life a year

    , keeping him Super rich

    but nooooo, this guy had to spend millions to   buy 18 freaking cars

    and lets not forget the knights and sword collective he quote paid 200+ of thousand of dollars  for, What a idiot


     this joker had to have that Big house in some elite ahole gated rich people land, with no yearly income, why am i not shocked he losted it

    the fact he taken out a loan and lost hes house to boot is Epic fail


    thro the guy said, if he lost ever penny he be happy , o rly?

    their a clue for you , no future investment money wise , don't  they have a life time  investment plan, They're Not motivated to stay rich

    bigger jackpots just take longer for idiots to get rid of all of it

    , but given them around 5 years and their broke if they just Spend spend spend

    , nearly ever freaking time like clock work....... geez

      their more idiots out their money wise, then smart ones,  sense majority are not smart investers with money

     truth is they always be winning some of the time and we get to see the wreckage atfer they spent all that money

    thro at lest a few charity's got some of hes money before he spent nearly it all, so hes not a total idiot,  just a idiot money wise

    I remember the episode with Mr. Edwards and the tour of his house.....

    The thing that trips me out is..... after he loss everthing, one of his financial advisors said that they had put his lump sum into an annuity.....and that he was able to live off the interest ....But, he would not stick with the plan.  He kept wanting access to more money (and now we all know why).

    (Mr. Edwards, even said in the same interview that he had enough money coming in every month to live off of the interest and not touch his principle.)

    I think it is true in that however you are before you get your hands on $$$, that is how you will be afterwards, UNLESS you make the necessary changes for the better. 

    It is a different lifestyle and requires a different mindset.

    I also remember during that episode that they showed him reading the book "How To Think Like DaVinci"......I don't know what that book was about, but focusing on how to ovecome his addictions would have been a better choice.

    Recently, during the last huge MM jackpot, a financial advisor said that the number one mistake most lottery winners do is put investing at the bottom of the list.............. when it should be at the top

    He said you have to think of investing as paying yourself....you are investing to generate an income...to keep a positive cashflow....while saving at the same time.....and remembering that with the proper investing, you can stay rich by staying debt-free, not flauting your wealth with outrages spending and by focusing on these three words: Food, Utilities and Taxes!!!

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      Posted: March 10, 2011, 7:08 pm - IP Logged

      I remember that show seeing his daughter in the video.  She is now 20 yrs old and was just arrested for heroin trafficking.  She has 2 small children.  Do a google search for Tiffani Edwards drug arrest and you can see her mugshot.  Really sad.


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        Posted: March 10, 2011, 8:05 pm - IP Logged

        I remember that show seeing his daughter in the video.  She is now 20 yrs old and was just arrested for heroin trafficking.  She has 2 small children.  Do a google search for Tiffani Edwards drug arrest and you can see her mugshot.  Really sad.

        I went to Google Images for that and I got a bunch of pictures of Lindsay Lohan, Paris Hilton and rapper T.I., I'm sure their parents are happy their children's names are immediately coupled/associated with the words "drug arrest".


        It's really sad what happens to the children of lottery winners that let the money destroy them (though yes, David Edwards had problems to begin with, but with the winning he could have changed himself into something good).