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A Lottery Curse

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Posted: March 30, 2011, 10:38 pm - IP Logged

except in NC, a trust CAN NOT claim the prize (I had a lengthy discussion with them not too long ago, and actually i think posted about it on here). So you have NO CHOICE.

That statement above is correct, but there is a way around it! 

Move out of state and then open a legal out of state trust. No state at any time can make a legal out of state resident disclose their name in order to claim a prize with in a state that they are not a legal resident of at the time of making their claim to such prize! People do travel and buy tickets when in other states while visiting friends or family! So NC would have no choice but to pay you as an out of state resident that is not legally bound to the state of NC disclosure lottery laws! PERIOD!

I do know this as a matter of fact, and it kind of follows along the same lines! As everyone knows most states have a mandatory automobile insurance laws (Right). Well did you know that no other state can enforce another states insurance law. Yes, it's true! The only way you can get into trouble from another state for not having current insurance is to be involved in a car accident and that's the only way any other state other than the state that the car is registered to can write you a ticket for no insurance or impose some other form of punishment! The police are not to even ask you for proof of insurance when issuing you a ticket for speeding if you are driving an out of state registered vehicle. (Calif. state plates, ticket in New Mexico) License and registration is all they can ask for legally!

That is not true, you have to follow the laws of the state you are in. If you are going to be driving in a state that says you have to have insurance it does not matter which state you come from you still have to have insurance. the only thing they can not enforce it's the liability limits set for the state. you have to have liability limits for your state.