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Gap Strategy - Power of the AI# Stream

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Posted: March 27, 2011, 2:51 pm - IP Logged

Gap Strategy - Power of the AI# Stream

The main Gap Strategy inventory and tracking charts do not always provide useful
clues regarding which numbers to play for a given structure.

The differences in the 'Time Out' totals within a particular Alpha Identifier
group can be significant, but they are not always conclusive.

Referring to the 'playing worksheet' lines 7,8,9, the 'Times Out' for AI's 1A2A3A are
very close. The other 'TO' totals for the PI, G# and L# are fairly close, except
for lottery digit 2 in the L#1 column.

An alternative method for making choices is the 'numeric component'
of the Alpha Identifer (AI#) data stream.

I've been playing lotteries for long time. I've used many different
tracking charts, but none had the power the AI# has. It isn't always
conclusive and doesn't always contribute to the guesswork, but
it can make significant difference when all the other tracking data
are 'too close to call,' so to speak.

As before, only users of the Gap Strategy workout have access to a
AI# stream, which is initiated and maintained on the basic worksheet.

Establishing the AI# tracking charts for the three AI groups (A, B, C/R)
is a fairly simple, straight forward task. It takes time to set up initially, for sure,
but the results provide players with some important advantages.

Beginning with the first lottery number combination processed on the
worksheet, separate the AI# streams into 3 sections.

One section "A" is for 1A2A3A, the second "B" is for 4B5B6B, the third "C" is for
7C8C9C and 0R.

Using graph paper, log the AI# as they occur on the worksheet.

My first worksheet was initiated on Feb. 1, my 'A' stream is:


On a second sheet of graph paper, turned length-wise, enter column headers
11  12  13  21  22  23  31  32  33

Using the '2 plus 1' method, identify and processing the stream 3 consecutive
digits at a time, and logging 'followers' (the 3rd digit)' in the appropriate column.

For example, the 'follower' for 121 is l. Enter a 1 in the 12 column.

The follower for 211 is 1. Enter a 1 in the 21 column.

The follower for 111 is 1, Enter a 1 in the 11 column.

The follower for 113 is 3. Enter a 3 in the 11 column.

The follower for 132 is 2. Enter a 2 in the 13 column.

The follower for 322 is 2. Enter a 2 in the 32 column.

The follower for 223 is 3. Enter a 3 in the 22 column.

The processing continues until all of the followers for the AI# digits
are determined and logged.

The follower for 311 (the last 3 digits in the stream) is 1.

Using a horizontal line to save space here, the current followers for the
9 columns are:

11 - 1321123
12 - 13232222121
13 - 233322
21 - 1221212223
22 - 3223111233321232333
23 - 23132132333311
31 - 2331311
32 - 2132131222232
33 - 22221232211

The last 2 digits in the stream are 11.

The question then becomes, 'whats next?'
There are 3 possible answers, 1,2 or 3.

When the 'time out' totals for the streams of data in the "A" block on
the playing worksheet (Lines 7,8,9) are considered, it seemed to me at that time that the next number
would be '2' or, more precisely, 2A.

Since the structure to be played is "BAA", a second "A" is needed.

Having already selected '2' as the best choice for the first 'A' in
the structure, the remaining choices are '1' and '3'.

As seen in the worksheet, Lines 25 and 26, I chose '1' for the required
second 'A' in the 'BAA' structure.

These choices, or guesses, generated lottery numbers 2 and 8, (Line 27) neither of
which were in the winning combination.

The followers for 'B' block numbers, 4B5B6B, are generated and logged in the
exact same manner as was used for the "A" block.

Here are current column data:

44 - 64445546466
45 - 6664666454466666
46 - 4666564
54 - 55555554554
55 - 6545546
56 - 5464644465554
64 - 645446455565
65 - 56445454
66 - 564646455664

The patterns and trends are jumping off the page!

For example, using column 45. The question is: Will 6 show up again?

Column 54 is interesting.

The last 3 digits in the "B" block stream are 645.

The structure being played calls for one 'B.'

Based on the data in the '45' column, I chose '6' or '6B'
This produced lottery number '4', as shown on Line 27 of the worksheet.

As known, the randomly generated winning combination was 671. The actual structure was 'CRC'
I wasn't even in the ballpark!  LOL

Here are the current column data for the 'C/R' block.

80 - 09978
87 - 7700897797
88 - 7970979
89 - 990888997
90 - 97770
97 - 8979077979
98 - 9098787887
99 - 997007
70 - 88800798
77 - 0889987890700
78 - 08770879
79 - 78077889778
00 - 8897
07 - 809977
08 - 978909
09 - 78870

Close analysis of these columns show patterns and trends that could be very
useful in choosing which of AIs to play.

The last 3 digits in the C/R block AI# stream is 708.

The answer to the 'whats next' question could be '0'

As has been shown, the AI# is an important aid to choosing numbers to play.
However, there are instances where the 'whats next' has no clear answer.

Gap Strategy provides a host of information a player can use to aid the
guesswork, but there are times when there are no usable trends in any of the data

In these instances, the best choice is to not play.

A constant factor with lotteries is that there will be another drawing.
And, the updated data streams could become very productive.

I think its obvious that construction of a chart to track the
pairs would be be helpful, as would an inventory of the digits.

I'm standing by for any questions anyone has.

Look for a concluding post on Gap Strategy.

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    Posted: March 27, 2011, 5:01 pm - IP Logged

    Hopefully in the conclusionary post you'll have all the links to the other posts detailing this strategy because they could easily get lost....

    How you do anything is how you do everything.

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      Posted: March 27, 2011, 5:49 pm - IP Logged


      Thanks for your interest.

      Here are the links.

      The first one provides some background.
      I needed to correct what I believe is a major flaw in the initial workout.

      Also, I have 4 friends who want to be a part of the Gap Strategy team. These posts get them started.
      We communicate via email and cellphones.

      Hope you think the workout is worth your time. It may seem complicated, etc, etc, but it isn't.

      Let me know what you think.