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A cautionary tail on this day, Tuesday-Scorpio Style

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Posted: April 29, 2011, 9:33 am - IP Logged

 Good morning LP Family -  Very rushed this morning but a couple things need to share as I go about the chaos of my world...

    Today, we have the mystical world of Scorpio ruling our moon (and dreams), bright lights and fast cars Aries holds the Sun and Merc in tow.  A potential problem looms, however, as Merc and Mars meet up today.   You see, when the Planet of War and Planet of Words do a meet and greet, it typically ends up being a he-said, she-said, I'm right, you're wrong, nobody wins situation.  I must insist today that if you are so inclined to rush to judgment, or to take sides in a situation where you don't know all the facts, do so with extreme caution.  Unfortunately, it's kind of like the adage about never arguing with a drunk.  Seriously, no one will win and, par for the course, if anyone does get hurt, it won't be the "drunk." 

On the plus side, taking things down a notch (or perhaps up a confusing notch), is the fact that Merc is now starting its retrograde to forward motion to complete around the 23rd.    We can accomplish things today at lightening speed if we stay focused and calm.  It's not all bad.

  As I frequently mention, Scorpio has a strong pull on 222, and it just so happens that I'm pinging (which, I believe, is the higher-brain version of tweeting) on 222.  How convenient.   But, Scorpio really has great triples power, so any trip that is blowing your skirt up should be worthy of an extra once over.    I was watching one of the paranormal shows on cable and a woman was describing how, as a child, she dreamed that a close relative had died.  The next morning, she greeted her parents with the information and her announcement apparently did not garner much attention until later that day the phone rings and the news comes that the relative has died.  I know someone personally who experienced this to the letter, and it is a tried and true Scorpio psychic trait.  To me, Scorps are dark and dangerous and intense, sexy, secretive, possessive, jealous, and absolutely self-assured when it comes to their personal world.  Did I mention psychic?  Oh but they are, they are! 

We continue to see phenomenal falls this month, not the least of which is the record-breaking 718.   

The full moon seems to have broken some of the spell on many trends.  I'm trying to get a handle on what comes next.   My own recurring theme is that while I'd love to be posting my thoughts regularly, my time is simply being pulled too many ways.  As a result, I often have a clue about numbers that are going to fall, but they rarely get mentioned outside a close Ga friend or two, and are really not helping anyone.  I've got to work on this issue.  Please, don't ask me for "predictions"cause that's not what I do.  I just talk about what I intuit, and I do not put the work into predictions as many here do so well.  If asked, I think what I do most is try to get you to use all that natural ability you already have to find the winning number. 

I hope Tuesday is good to you.  Don't forget to take the high road wherever possible.  J  Type

p.s.  Waiting on the first DragonFly sighting of the season.  Please do chime in.

I just read your post i know you don't post here a lot, I was just reading to see if I could see some kind of indication of the shocking new we got Yesterday. I think she was your friend too!  She was always at your post.

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