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The red bag on the corner of the street

Topic closed. 15 replies. Last post 5 years ago by Divine Guidance.

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December 2, 2008
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Posted: July 26, 2011, 7:30 pm - IP Logged

for the last two days i have seen a red bag on the street, just laying there, it was preety not dirty or anything. it was by the curb by the trees IT WAS SO BIG I KNOW everyone saw it.........I was really curious at to what was in this bag, even the kids saw it, they said go look, i said ill wait unitl it gets dark, so i went back out and its obvious that someone had already looked, it turned out to be a pillow,  on the inside,today coming back home we saw the red bag again my daughter says there is a lottery ticket on it, and i saw a corner with the no 31 on it well yesterday i got a bill with the 36 on it. Its on that corner across the street from the house with all the goings on the 3336 house hmmmm. any one got the nos for red and bag or pillow? im suprised to see that it is still there, went back around there and the lottery ticket that was sitting on top of itl is gone weird huh? coincidence? not sure, and she was just in the kitchen and said that she just saw a shadow, she said check the candle, weird she should say that, im talking about my daughter. i have been wanting to ask what should this red pillow like looking thing play for? that red bag is really on my mind. Also had a short dream about my neighbor and i think we were either my house or his but it looked like neither, and i saw in a garage or something some leather briefcases the one my dad used to always use he has one and i have one similar to his and i told the neighbor could you hold these for me, his name is jeff, because there coming it actually looked like we were in a foreign country, and i heard a man say the army is coming i saw alot of army personell geared up in their uniforms they were coming to get people but it wasnt us we were safe, i am kind of thinking that it was mexico 100 110 2662,2260,addresses he asked me if i cheated on my husband, not sure why he asked that cause were just friends, so my focus kind of shifted to him maybe a no to do with him? then i saw two crystal lamps in a beautiful light orang color i woke up briefly then when i closed my eyes i saw a paper on it al over it was abc so many times i could not count and it faded away..... and i opened my eyes again and saw the no 11 then the no 12 and they faded away.........

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