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(Pennsylvania) Help, please. Where can I check if I won anything?

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Posted: August 16, 2011, 11:53 am - IP Logged

Ticket thieving, young/old snot-nosed, underhanded, lying/cheating/stealing clerks will make a person choose anti-social behavior over choosing to

be ripped off or misled.

Take them to the scanner..do it yourself (double check online if you want) and don't talk to a soul if you don't want to...if you have to, that's another

story..Bananabut keep track of your tickets and the ones that say Results Not In Yet or Not Drawn Yet - Hold onto them - those plays weren't

drawn yet.

Chances are slim but they're real...winners come in all shapes, sizes and classifications....long time players and brand new ones too.

Good luck!!

About the scanners:

We have stores designated as cashing agents in Kentucky and the one near me is not owned by the Patel Clan. Last night I handed the clerk a bunch of tickets to cash and told her one or two might not be winners because I didn't use the scanner to check them. She told me that their scanner doesn't always work and will show a winning ticket as "not a winner".

The best advice I've read is to use other sources to check online game tickets and carefully read the instructions on scratch-offs and find out exactly how much the ticket is worth.