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Lotto Systems: You could get hurt...

Topic closed. 17 replies. Last post 5 years ago by tiggs95.

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May 4, 2004
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Posted: November 3, 2011, 11:46 pm - IP Logged
Hello, lantern, ok, Brazil does not have the computing resources that has in the u.s.a, learn macros takes time, believes that it is difficult for my posts! Glad we have Americans,
But this forum is for discussing ideas for games, and the more you know, help others and you will be given ´ dai, good proverbio. In my example does not change the 0 to 9 divisions
Low group 0, 1, 2, group 3 high = 6.7 average = .8, .9 Group 4.5, you can delete the Middle Group (4.5) of course is not going to give 100% seram 28 pairs with 100% of use without the 4.5.
Of course the lottery is 50% mathematics and 50% random. We cannot block ideas pumpi, but filters ´ them. be that of so many idea of pumpi, one of them will be good advantage to all of the Forum.
Thank you jap69, what I want is to put in a chart, and see why there are certain diagonals if crossing, these patterns, is much like dna if two lines crossing, as the lottery issue life, perhaps looking good dna if you can see some predictions, but this is pro pumpi see, thank you

dr san

There is another  one:

"GOD helps those who help themselves"

You have no idea how it gets to have all those endless posts on your threads asking for help day in and day out and I don't even understand most of the stuff that is on them, it might be high time that you help your own self, same as most people do for themselves and what little I understand when I do which is not often, doesn't make much or any sense to me, I told you before often, give me a break, maybe a permanent break, please no more posts asking for help or to give ideas, I like to come out with my own ideas or not have any ideas at all.

Start your own threads, if nobody helps you, it is because they either:

Don't understand your posts,

Do understand, but don't want to help.

Can't help for whatever reason.

Sorry, but it is time that I tell you this, you push me to it.

Pumpi at least doesn't spam other peoples threads, he posts on his own threads:

Yes, other people also ask for help and yes people also post on other people's threads, but yours are endless are are mostly about asking for help for something that you are the only one who understands and cares about.

I have my own crazy ideas to deal with and can't deal with anybody elses's crazy ideas.

pumpi doesn't bother me, cause he keeps to himself, so he can post as he might, even 1 million posts each day, if nobody answers him, he just answers himself, I guess that even I do that myself and so can others do too, while I do post on other's threads I try not to bother them asking for help at least not very often.

I am here spamming on this thread, but it is mostly because of you.

If anybody needs any help from me, they can read my posts and threads as more often than not, that is all the help that I can give to them, if that can't help them, then they will not be helped, as that is the only possible way in which I can help.

I have gone way out of my way to try to help you, but see, that you have no limits that your posts for help are endless and also mostly unreadable, I have reached my limits, you can keep on posting, but now that I can no longer help, as if I ever could, I never fully understood any of your posts and the stuff more often than not just doesn't make sense to me, as I said before even pumpi's threads and posts bother me less, it is crazy stuff also, but at least the English can be understood.


Sorry, I didn't like having to say that.

Seem like no ammount of help will ever be enough to you, your posts asking for help will always be endless, that is no problem if at least you do it on either you own threads or on somebody else's .

Of course you can keep on posting on my threads, it is a free place, but you are wasting your time and mine as I can't help you anymore.

Good Luck!


I even thought about not posting anymore as LANTERN and taking some other name here at LP, but soon enough people would know that it was me, so doing that would not help.

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    June 9, 2010
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    Posted: November 4, 2011, 6:03 am - IP Logged

    Hello, lanterna, ok, my goal is not to disturb anyone, but is trying to improve prognosis of a game, if you do not want to help, I accept!, Who runs the forum is the Todd!
    Many times you have been helped in this forum, for more experienced members, the forum is a place of free debate, many members are also asking for help, and help when they can,
    The big problem is to hit the ideas of a good prognosis!, Many members of this forum here are laughing at the pump, but when he finds something very usable are the first to use!, What can I help with the fortune. I put the questions in the forum, for those who want to help,
    I'm sure if someone find a good system
    will be here with the Americans, never, ever in a Russian forum.
    flashlight, I understand your point of view and respect.
    ok I will not ask for help or perturbar. thank you

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      November 4, 2006
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      Posted: November 5, 2011, 8:34 pm - IP Logged

      pumpi should put-up his own Web page, he sure has a lot to say.

      And maybe also his own radio show, "The pumpi hour", a daily broadcast and go national with it.

      I am still waiting for pumpi to show me how to win 1 Billion Dollars every day.

      Long live pumpi the LP "PURE GENIUS"!!..You are loved here pumpi...

                                                                Pure luck