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Is it Cheating??

Topic closed. 32 replies. Last post 5 years ago by Nikkicute.

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Posted: September 2, 2012, 6:37 pm - IP Logged

I can appreciate and admire your skills for those "itty- bitty" pick3-4 games L.L.    Jester Laugh


However, I also know there is big money to be made there. Having won $2500 a few times on some straight pick 4's, convinces me of that.

Having read many of your threads, I understand you to be a very methodical and ballsy player. Maybe we should call you Maverick for now on!  Wink

Thanks! To be perfectly honest with you, I had to "grow" into my current level of play as I didn't always know what I do now. There are many, many ways to play but, some methods are much more efficient than others as I had to learn. Every player looks at numbers differently and, therefore, interprets what they see accordingly. This, I believe, is why some players know that it's really not hard to win while others may see it as very difficult and not understand how successful players can feel that way. It's also difficult to break and re-train them on not only what to look for but, also why to look for it. How is the easy part...why is what makes it easy and makes the money.

It's also why successful players are often considered to be liars about being able to win...and consistently. Consistency can be measured in a couple of ways...it doesn't have to mean playing and winning every time there's a draw. A player can allot themselves "X" amount of money (bankroll) which allows them "X" times to play(opportunities) and so long as they hit within the total plays designated, they recover their monies while also actually making some money in the process. See, lots of players look at this game from the wrong perspective and don't give their monies a proper chance to actually "work" for them and maximize total opportunities to net a win.

 It doesn't take a whole lot of money but, money and efficiency do go hand in hand along with being properly spent at the right time. TIMING, PATIENCE, and OPPORTUNITY is a system in itself, mcginnis. I maximize the effectiveness of my money with timing...therefore I have to be patient. Some draws are much easier to win on than others but, it still takes a reasonable amount of money to implement the strategy. To win a specific payout is one thing, and, how much money is totally spent before that payout is won is another thing...a very important thing at that. You must subtract the expenses. This time frame, though, dictates whether you're making money, breaking even, or still in the red. No in between.

If a player is serious, then this is a numbers game which requires a BUSINESS APPROACH if they're going to be successful and see profits. I'm speaking a foreign language to most people reading this post and it's due to thousands of questionable terminologies, rationales, suaves, triangles, triads, and so many things listed in the systems forums which I have never been exposed to...honestly. These things are actually foreign to me, so I guess it balances out. Later.


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    Posted: September 3, 2012, 8:40 am - IP Logged

    Is it cheating if you find out a way to win the lottery?

    Meaning if you find a way to manipulate the game in your favor?

    Or if you find a flaw that gives you the edge?

    When YOU find a way, it is cheating! Smash

    When somebody else does, it isn't! No No

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      Posted: September 3, 2012, 11:20 am - IP Logged

      Is it cheating if you find out a way to win the lottery?

      Meaning if you find a way to manipulate the game in your favor?

      Or if you find a flaw that gives you the edge?


      Machanical Ball Machine: As long as you don't mess with the numbered balls.

      RNG Computer Picks: As long as you don't break into the computer lotto system.

      Other than that, your good to go!! lolApprove