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When playing scratch tickets do some people just go to many different locations to play?

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February 1, 2012
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Posted: October 18, 2012, 1:30 pm - IP Logged

Agreed...timing and being at the right place.
You have to switch up the places you buy your tickets. Some places just stink all around for anything...instants, big games,
jackpots, ie.
Buy a few from a handful of stores, find the one that does the best...make that your first choice store but keep others in
mind too.
That's what I do..I'll go to a few stores and buy a few from each...radius: about 10 miles.
If you're talking just other states, I don't do that.
Even with a crummy store - right place, right time is key, that's why it's a good idea to limit your purchases to a few.
Get a feel for what kind of ticket day it is...if you can play like that. Buy a couple of each and see what's working for
that day. Some days, I gotta avoid $20's...some days I play $2's depends on what's winning....like today, seems like a $2
ticket day...I found one, ticket #021 for a double $50 prize. That's the bulk of what I'll play today unless a $20 proves
So get around....UNLESS of course, you find a HOT store....keep at it and keep it to yourself. Thumbs Up

Hi dr65,

Thanks for replying. I agree with your assessment of switching things up by playing at different places. I find that no one thing seems to work for me. Sometimes will not have much luck at a store but then might win from that store another time. Also there is one very high volume convenience store in my town that sells tons of tickets daily but for some reason I haven't had a lot of luck there and I notice hawkers there regularly. I tend to buy a few tickets and do not scratch in the store, I take them home and wait for a few days or even a week or longer before scratching them. I like to hold onto a dream and save some money by waiting to scratch them. Now the bad thing about this method is that I will buy two tickets of a scratcher in hopes that if one of them doesn't win the other one will. Many times that hasn't been the case and have had 2 losing tickets. Other times will just buy one ticket at a time. The one good thing about buying one ticket and immediately scratching it is that if it's a winner I would not be buying anymore of those tickets that day since I've only once had 2 winning tickets in a row. I agree with you about the being at the right place at the right time (hasn't happened to me yet, lol) and buying just a few tickets.  Unlike yourself I don't go by the ticket day, sometimes will just go to a place and buy one 20 dollar ticket and other times might just buy a couple of 5 dollar tickets.  Good luck to you as well.


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    February 1, 2012
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    Posted: October 18, 2012, 1:54 pm - IP Logged

    Some spots never have the new tickets so i always hit different stores. I get better results from stores that sell alot of tics. Usually play within a half-hour drive.

    Hi RedStang,

    Do you find that those stores that don't have the new tickets just haven't gotten their supply yet and will get them. I find that when new tickets come out in my state it takes a little time for some places to get their supply.  That's great about you having better results from stores that sell lots of tickets. That hasn't always been the case for myself.  Playing within a half an hour as you do makes sense.  I tend to mostly play in my town or a couple towns away from where I live. It's funny back a few months ago I went into Cambridge (I live in Mass) and couldn't find any places to play the lottery where I was (was thinking a city would be a good place to get some tickets so was surprised by that.