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Doubles Pick 4 Part 2

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Posted: November 18, 2012, 3:06 pm - IP Logged

Pick 4 Doubles, Part 2.

Part 1 provided a useful method for tracking lottery number doubles for
players making "Box" bets.

That is, where the digits appear in the 4-digit combination isn't that important.
Having a match pays a minimum prize, depending on the wager.

In Texas, matching the double with a 50 cents bet pays $100.

Lottery players wanting to make Exact bets for the highest prizes, up to $5,000, need more information.

There are six possible double digit arrangements in every Pick 4 numbers game.

P1P2, P1P3,P1P4; P2P3, P2P4,P3P4.

To minimize confusing with the digits, the following alphabetical arrangements are

Alpha Pairs = AB, AC, AD, BC, BD, CD.

Similarly to the digits, the position possibilities should be tracked in the order in
which they occur.

Using the active/inactive cell logging  method previously presented for the digits, here is a typical tracking chart.

There are six  Alpha Pairs, therefore, there are six Active Cells.
There are six Active cells, therefore, there are six Gap numbers.


Using graph paper, enter the following column headers.

L#   AP  G
....  AB  .
....  AC  .
....  AD  .
....  BC  .
....  BD  .
....  CD  .

L# - There are four possible positions for the repeating digits, as indicated by the four dots.
AP - Alpha Pairs in alphabetic order. There are six possibilities
G - Gap number
* The Gap number is the number of active cells between identical Alpha Pairs, not counting
any inactive cells.

Next four Alpha Pairs are AC, BD, AB, BD.

Follow the exact same procedures outlined for tracking individual repeat digits.


L#   AP  G
....  AB .
....  AC  .
....  AD  .
....  BC  .
....  BD  .
....  CD  .
#.#. AC 5
.#.# BD 3
##.. AB 6
.#.# BD 2

Entering digits in the L# column is optional.

The Gap numbers are NOT marked off.

Separate Inventory charts should be established for the Alpha Pairs and
the Gap numbers.


The inventory totals can identify Alpha Pairs that have a tendency to come up more
often, or tend to lag.

However, similarly to the digits, there is no history information.
For example, if 'BC' has the highest inventory total, was this achieved over an
extended period of time, 'hot' streaks, etc.

It's difficult to know where a lottery game is headed if we don't have information
about where it's been.

A HotSheet is used to provide the answers on the behavior of each of the six
Alpha Pairs.

Thus: (Following previously explained procedures)

Using graph paper

AB        * 1
AC * 1 2 3
BD    * 1 *

The line totals are increased by one each time an Asterisk is added on any line.
Eventually, a player will have pretty good idea about which Alpha Pairs are
running 'hot' or lagging, or whatever.

Here are the actual last five  End of Line totals for Texas Daily 4:

AB  2 3 4 5 *
AC 15 16 * * 1
BC 15 16 17 18 19
AD 5 * 1 2 3
BC * 1 2 3 4
BD 6 7 8 9 10
CD 3 4 5 6 7

Will line up on graph paper. 

Note: Only one * per column; all of the End-of-Line totals are different.


Alpha Pair 'AC' was lagging and then hit twice in a row.
BC is really lagging and is probably  good candidate for the next double. In fact, I'm currently
playing it in all my Daily 4 games.
BD is also lagging.

Pick 4 games also feature combinations with triple digits (ie. 3033) and quads (ie. 4444).
However, these combinations don't come up very often and I make no attempt to
track them.

A final question now is - How did I  choose the non-repeating digits in a doubles combination.

Where did the '3' and '2' in '3002' come from.

I decided on an arrangement using the Gap Number Structures, Column VI, of my Base Foundation for Texas Daily 4.

Using my New Substitite Lottery System Pick 4 workout, I determined that I needed a
Gap structure having a double 'R'

There are six possibilities: 2002/AARR, 0202/BBRR, 0022/CCRR, 0112/BCRR, 1012/ACRR,  1102/ABRR.

Using other tracking data, I had decided on Alpha Pair 'BC', which required I
place the 'Rs' in the second and third  positions. |


The Playsheet entries for the date I chose the winning combination were:

16   1A * 5      24 4B 24 6    37 7C  1  4
  3   2A 3 9      21 5B 10 8    19 8C 13 3
29   3A 4 1      32 6B 9   7    22 9C 15 2   20 0R 2 0

Using other tracking charts and followers, my intuition, experience, common sense,
imagination, etc, I chose '8C' and '9C' which indicated I should play lottery numbers
'3' and '2'.

I put the '3' in the first position and the '2' in the fourth position.

Thus: '3002'

Please refer to New Substitution Lottery System posts for more information.
I've already explained how the workout works for Pick 3 and Pick 4.




I'm ready to field any questions you have.


Start looking for a DoubleDouble in the eve draw.