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Playing PB with The Power Play in New York?

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Posted: April 14, 2013, 8:05 am - IP Logged


You make good points also. I'm sure the lure of winning a top prize sevral times over with the same set of numbers playes mulitple times is very alluring and probably what the lottery is counting on.

I've always said that the lotteries are always one step ahead of the players (actually way more than that!).

Illinois has a Pick 5 game- Lucky Day Lotto- with an option called EzMatch- for an extra dollar you get a set of numbers printed on the ticket and if anyone of them natches one of the numbers you played you win from $1 to $500. Here's the catch- the odds againt the jp (5/39) are 575, 757 to 1. The odds again winning the $500 on EzMarch are over 210,000 to 1.

A player would be far better off throwing the extra buck at the pick 5 itself, no?

Yes they would CT!

I've always said that the lotteries are always one step ahead of the players (actually way more than that!).

ABSOLUTELY!  I couldn't agree more!  Certainly The NY State Lottery is way ahead of ME! And I've no doubt that they are very much hoping many people play the same set of numbers on one Sweet Million ticket.

I cant claim to be the orginator of the idea of playing the same line multiple times on a single Sweet Million ticket. I saw something unusual happen in a town located about 50 miles from me that got me to thinking.  Somebody won two million by playing the same line twice.  But the interesting thing about it, was two different stores situated on the same street each sold a winning ticket.  Those 2 stores are about one block apart. So the winner couldnot have played the same line twice on a single ticket, which is what I do.

So did the winner have the same bet slip run through the second terminal deliberately, or was it an accident?  One of my lottery playing friends and I discussed it. He doesnt think it was deliberately done. My friend's guess is that the winner probably was wheeling a lot of lines/numbers, and did not realize that they had filled in two different bet slips with the same set of numbers.  The winner could have played one bet slip in one store, and used the the duplicated bet slip at the second store.  But that's just one theory.  Kind of like the lottery itself, there's endless possibilities as to why it may have happened.   

I have to say I'm very curious as to what actually happened.  Had two lines been played on a single ticket it would be obvious as to what happened.  The NY State Lottery may not even know exactly what happened. If two different people claimed each prize, then the Lottery may or may not know the real truth of the matter. In any case, they have not published anything about the wins in the "Winners Stories" section of the NY State Lottery's website. In the interest of boosting Sweet Million sales, I would think they'd want to get the story out!

About playing the lottery --  You will lose more than you win. Until you hit a jackpot.  Then everything changes!