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Hot Lotto coming to Tennessee May 12

Topic closed. 16 replies. Last post 5 years ago by joshuacloak.

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Posted: April 28, 2013, 9:26 pm - IP Logged

Yeah, I finally got it, thanks.

The Dragon Lady puts a hold on all my email until I "learn to stop acting like a stupid hillbilly."


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    Posted: April 28, 2013, 10:46 pm - IP Logged

    wait a sec....................... this sounds like a buffet, where skinly people cover for fat people eating so much

    so states without A State tax on winnings, cover for the players who are in states where there taxed more. that is STATE TAXES on there prizes,


    they say they cover withholding taxes.......... but there diff witholding rates  in diff states....................... is my point

    now if its only fed rate, its same to everyone paying into prize pool, however they don't say that, they just say withholding part

    say this, 

    so if i live/play in  in TN,and win, they cover fed 25% rate withholding part


    however if i live in  State where the State taxes are withhold also

    such as Vermont: 6% State Tax that also in hot lotto, hance why am using them

    lets say, There 2 winners of a 10 million  cash jackpot , 1 in tn, 1 in Vermont

    we would both get 5m ,  however my withholding rate is 25% in tn.

    they would withhold  31% in Vermont    < and winning jackpot  amount is same for them as for me , we each get 5m to our banks wired

    the beeps in vermont would be getting 6% more money , then i would via more taxes paid for them

    same jackpot, diff amounts rewarded in reality.


     winners in other states are getting more money then i would 'via more taxes paid for them'

    all players are paying for this, nonething is free, taxes paid SURE comes out prize pool everyone paying for


    , jerks are making me pay for there higher tax rates in other states, how the hell is this not a lottery  buffet 

    u know how buffet run right, skinly people cover fat people, its the truth.


    i enjoy buffets thro,and pay same price as fat people, this is no diff, i just don't like fact tn players are getting short end of this deal


      so  i play anyway, thro its a bit stupid if u ask me,

    however  if you live in a state where they withhold all your states taxes before u claim .as in state takes there "share" up front

    congrats, you just made off like a bandit compared to winning same jackpot  in tn


    this is a change for better thro for TN players

    we use to have this great cash 5 game, even i played it when it go above 500k

    what it did a lot btw

    they killed it"pick5", replaced it with pick 6 game that was WORST then our pick 5

    and pick 6"tennessee cash", Grows slower then pick 5 

    that's right rollovers was much slower then pick 5 did, 

    with higher odds......................................

    ya they screwed TN players over

    however the genius idea behind that "great" change should of been fired. and us players should of got a mega sorry,and put pick 5 back to what it was

    but no, once tn made a choice, screwed up, they stay with it anyway

    even our RNG  managed to screw us over with error in code  stoping numbers like 1111, etc     at lest we got a "sorry" for that epic screw up.


    need less to say, this is how i suggest we play my follow tn players

    mega millions at same price, starts jackpot at 9m cash. HOWEVER

    sense  tn pays for first 25% in taxes

    we need to do math, and its about $6,750,000 cash, if u just happened to win MM on first draw,and no winners , atfer 25% withholding for the feds here in tn

    i play MM/PB ever draw, 1 ticket regardless. so i have no issue playing Hot lotto, i know i will, 

    so for a buck, i demand  at lest 6.7m cash, as  that's lowest It starts to match what MM jackpot would

    so  ya, i play it, but only when it reach's MM cash jackpot

    No bees, no honey.