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Any spooky lottery stories?

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Posted: October 16, 2013, 7:31 pm - IP Logged

About 30 years ago, I came home from work one day and a package of things I'd ordered by mail had been delivered. The total on the receipt was $114. An inner voice told me to go to the bank and take out $170 (total in account was $178; I was putting both me and my wife through college on a salary of $20K per year, and money was very tight) and put it all on 114 straight on the Maryland Pick 3.

Then I started thinking. If the 114 doesn't come in, my wife will kill me because we won't have any money for groceries and the electric bill. So I did the sensible thing and stayed home.

That night on the news I watched sadly as they announced 114 as the winning number for the Pick 3. If I had listened to myself, we would have won $85,000 pre-tax, or more than 4 years salary.


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