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Question about some of the systems here

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Posted: November 24, 2013, 4:31 pm - IP Logged

Coin, et al-

"Many of the stats on table game results are based on millions of decisions." ~Coin

We are all aware by now, this established fact as sure as insurance company's actuaries projections based on the long run. However, eventhough the casinos deal a mathematically predictable negative average in the long run, the player attempts to win in the percievable short run where observable trends, patterns & cycles do occur & repeat  i.e VISUAL BALLISTICS. As forementioned, the 20 spin display board does extend & aid the data collecting & gathering process for those who are endevouring to be a advantage player in the short run >>>>

And if winning was impossible, why would casinos feel the necessity of using countermeasures against non-cheating advantage players ???

An old Vegas motto: "An edge is an edge!"





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    Posted: November 24, 2013, 8:56 pm - IP Logged

    Many of the systems here are based on the last drawing. OK, makes sense.

    But what gets confusing is when someone says somtehing like 'take the last drawing and go up and down 1, 2, 3', that produces a new number, but then they give an example where that number hit a few days later.

    If they'd give instructions and then say 'play that for the next five draws' that would be one thing, but often they don't but just dig for results to prove the system.

    So when the instructions are kind of vague is is draw by draw, or ?

    Lots of systems use the last drawing as a seed and then does all sorts of things to create lots of combinations. There is no real logic of why any of the combos created from that one drawing should hit in the next five drawings other than they may have hit once.

    "So when the instructions are kind of vague is is draw by draw, or ?"

    If the instructions are vague there is no system; just a bunch of combos to play and hope. Most are not just for the next five drawings, but "good for all states" too. If there are way too many combos to play at a profit, they will say they play online and get $900 to $1.

    They have all the bases covered. It's just too bad they don't try to create a real system that could actually help players.