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I'm looking forward to quitting my job

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Posted: January 19, 2014, 5:25 am - IP Logged

Just because you hate what you do, doesn't mean everyone else feels the same. I have a programmer friend who would just keep on programming if he ever gets one of those multi-million/billion sales. And if he couldn't make a living as a programmer, he would keep on programming then too. Why? Because he likes it. In other words, 'fun & enjoyable'.

Yes, those who are lucky enough to truly enjoy there job would or might not quit. But that is RARE.  Its the ones who WORK (any work) defines their life that I feel sorry for.  The factory worker/laborer that wins and doesn't know anything else so keeps working -Disapprove.  I find it sad as they NEVER find 'fun & enjoyable' as they don't know how.