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Did NH Lottery lose money in the last MM drawing?

Topic closed. 16 replies. Last post 6 years ago by RedStang.

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April 14, 2006
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It isn't a matter of modesty, Steve Player is in the business of selling lottery systems and uses his wins to demostrate that his systems win.  He just neglects to mention that any system that covers a lot of combinations is going win something.

If I had the convincing power of Steve Player I would be selling systems too. The most money is made selling lottery tickets to the hopeful and then followed by selling systems to assist the over ambitious win. Winning the lottery has the least money and is the least guaranteed.

That money's gone fo ever

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    January 21, 2012
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    I wouldn't feel too sorry for 'em. Wink

    The state has to take care of 2nd thru 9th prizes. Sure, they'll have to pull it out of the reserve fund. But did they actually lose money? Have to check out all the times they didn't have to pay out any 5+0 prizes over the years and add all up all that extra money sitting there.

    But yeah, that $5M might've hurt 'em a bit. If you look at it like the base $1M 5+0 prize is funded by MM sales, and the $4M additional Megaplier prize is funded by Megaplier sales. The NH Megaplier sales were only $8,599 for that draw. So that $4M payout is several years worth eaten up in one draw!

    I always thought the State got their share of the ticket sales and the MUSL repaid them for any prizes. Almost like a subcontractor.